Today it was a Taco Bell in Illinois that became the mission field. 

After eating a taco I headed for the counter and saw two workers getting ready to do some cleaning. “Hey, guys I want to give you some of my favorite things… “and I held out a handful of Chick tracts and told them they could pick. They did, and I asked how many more workers were back there. He counted out the names, and I let him pick one for each. He was heading back to give them each one.

Think of that…the Taco Bell clerk distributing gospel tracts to the rest of the staff! Wow, how easy that was, and what a simple opportunity to spread the good news.  Try it sometime!

We did the same thing with some Million Dollar Gospel tracts at another fast food restaurant. 

The girl who waited on us looked with amazement at the realistic looking tract and immediately held it up for one of her co-workers to see. I saw that he was really impressed with it also, so I said, “Well, you can have one too. Here. How many more workers are here tonight?”  He told me and I dished out one for each. When I left they were all smiling and saying “Thank You!”  It is exciting to let the Lord give you courage and boldness enough to step out and get those tracts into the hands of the lost. Let the Holy Ghost inspire and empower you to do it today!

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