If you are a genuine Christian, you can go with the Gospel NOW. Opportunities abound…next door, at Walmart, in the office, sitting at the mall, jogging in the park. Everywhere there are people who need the Lord. This blog is intended to inspire and motivate others to join the ranks of witnesses for Christ. May you answer HIS call today!



One lady told of going into Walmart and sitting down because she was so short of breath and did not feel well. A tall man walked past her and immediately turned back and asked her, “Are you a Christian?”  When she answered “Yes, I am,” he asked her, “Would you mind if I pray for you right now?”  When she said she would be glad for his prayer he laid his hand on her and prayed out loud, right there in Walmart, for the Lord to touch and heal her of her distress.

If the Walmart greeter’s vest theme is “How may I help you?” how much more should it be ours? 

That stirred my heart!  Isn’t this what the disciples did? They took the Gospel to the marketplace.  I believe that witnessing and soul winning are the indisputable responsibilities of every Christian.  When the Lord said to His servant,  “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled,” I don’t think it was  just a meaningless parable. 

If we would focus on getting the church OUT to the people, maybe we would be more successful in getting the people INTO the church.

The prayer meeting ended. Women were moving about gathering song books, a speaker system and other necessities for a nursing home service. The church was about to go OUT to the people… to take the Gospel outside the four walls of the church. 

I was excited about the opportunity and walked outside toward my car. After only a few steps I noticed a stranger, a young man walking on the parking lot in my direction. 

“Hello!  Can I help you?” I asked. 

 “I need prayer,” he said, walking closer.  “I want God to forgive me for my sins. I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

Can you imagine someone walking up to you and saying such a thing? Wow! What more could you ask for? This was a soul winner’s joy. This was an open door to quickly walk through.  

“Well, you have come to the right place. Come with me. We’ve been in a prayer meeting. We will pray for you,” I told him as I directed him to the church door, but I found it already locked. 

Without hesitation I said, “Well, we can pray here. Just kneel down right here…” and as he knelt on the parking lot blacktop I laid my hands on his head and began to call on the Lord to save him, to forgive him, to change him and give him a new life.”  He was praying out loud too, asking the Lord to do it. By this time the ladies made their way outside and saw what was happening. They joined in praying as we witnessed the work of the Holy Spirit reaching down into the heart of a young man who has come out of a rough life in gangs, fighting and drugs.

Before we left him the youth pastor was sitting on the ground next to him, already doing some good follow up work.

How about it? Isn’t it time to get serious about touching lives for the Lord?  When you meet someone at the gas station and begin to witness to them, look for the opportunity to say, “Would it be all right if I pray for you right now?”  When that co-worker approaches you with his discouragements, reach for that moment to pray with him right there.  

There is power in prayer. Sometimes the tears will come immediately when that troubled person senses that you care enough to pray for them right there. Prayer can bring conviction, and a tenderness that can lead to further dealing with their heart. 


The harvest is all around you. The mission field has come to America. Sometimes we feel  like we are in another land when we walk the malls surrounded by what feels like a majority of people from different countries, speaking different languages. This is YOUR mission field NOW! 

Oh, Lord, put the flame of soul winning fire into the heart of all who read these words. Let this be the day when they boldly step out to give the Gospel to someone “in the marketplace.” 

Friend, will you make a commitment right now to look for that opportunity today?  “Lord, as I venture out today, lead me to some needy soul. Let me be sensitive to the voice of your Spirit today.”

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