Bob and Claire Goodwin

Bob and Claire Goodwin have spent their entire adult lives
in Pentecostal ministry as pastors, evangelists, teachers, and
always as promoters of revival, prayer, holiness, and soulwinning.

Bob evangelized and pastored numbers of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. He served as a Bible School president and in various other administrative positions.

A sad time came when Joyce, his beloved wife of 55 years, left this earth for the heavenly home she so longed for. Such sorrow found comfort and strength in Bob’s intense prayer times in the presence of God.

Then, in God’s time, and God’s unique way of bringing to pass His divine planning, Bob’s path crossed once again and unexpectedly, with that of Claire Beam.

Claire had been a widow for eight years after the home-going of her husband, David Beam, president of Free Gospel Bible Institute in Export, Pennsylvania. Claire had spent 40 years of her life there with her husband raising their family on campus, teaching, serving as Academic Dean, and had fully committed her life to the Lord and His work. In her eighth year as a widow she was travelling for the school, speaking at youth camps and churches. She had a day and a half scheduled to go to Bristow Holiness Camp in Oklahoma. Who but God could arrange to stir Bob Goodwin to choose to head to that same destination on that very same evening?

That was in June 2005 and on December 15, 2005 Bob and Claire were happily married.

For the next several years Rev. and Mrs. Bob Goodwin served together in teaching and ministering at the Bible School. Then God began to lead them to a major decision.

“It was time for us to step out into a new venture of full-time evangelism. It was on May 30, 2009 that we waved farewell to the place of many memories and headed into wonderful years of preaching the Gospel across the country and into some other lands.

We saw the power of God’s Spirit move in the saving of souls, baptizing believers with the Holy Ghost, healing bodies, reviving individuals and churches, stirring a vision for the Lost. To God be the Glory for His great faithfulness.”

As the years passed we knew we had to slow down in our traveling. We now reside in McKinney, Texas and do whatever we can to serve the Lord. Most of all we want to keep the fire burning in our souls… revival fires…. Witnessing and soulwinning fires….always praying with fire… with a constant watchful eye to the sky knowing that Jesus is coming soon!

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