Gustav Bergstrom was only 7 when his drunken father divorced his mother. She could not afford to raise all of her 7 children, so they were sent to relative’s homes and Gustav was sent to work on a farm. Eventually his mother was able to take her family to America. Gustav was 16, got work digging graves, raking leaves, and finally became a boxer. 

His life changed dramatically when his sister Anna got saved, and influenced Gustav to also come to the Lord. Shortly afterward he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with 40 others at a prayer meeting in a Swedish Baptist church in Hartford, Connecticut.  Because of their Pentecostal experience they were all asked to leave.

Gustav became part of a Pentecostal church and eventually felt a burden to reach the lost. God opened the door for him to go to Brazil where he evangelized by giving out Gospel literature. He was not much of a preacher, but his door-to-door distribution of tracts, and personal witness eventually led to the founding of churches in at least 250 cities in Brazil.

Whenever he was back in the United States his burden for souls kept him evangelizing. Each weekday he rose early in the morning and distributed tracts, door-to-door. During two of his furloughs from Brazil he distributed tracts to every home in Kenosha, Wisconsin, twice, a city of more than 80,000. 

After suffering a stroke he relocated to America, and at the age of 82 he endeavored to complete his mission to reach every home in Kenosha for the third time. -Pentecostal Evangel

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