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Witnessing Along The Way- INDEX


In our journeys we eat out often and have many opportunities to witness. One morning we returned to The Waffle House after having been there about two weeks before.  Our friendly waitress, Rita, was quick to greet us and say, “I really liked those papers you left last time. I was having a very bad time and when I read those words I was amazed and thought, God must be looking down on me.”  She showed the literature to many of the workers and made them read them too. She said “That got me right back on track.”  I asked her what she meant, and she said, “I started back to church because of those words.” We learned that she has returned back to the Pentecostal church that is near her house and is determined to “go all the way” this time!  What rejoicing swelled up in our hearts at this report. Praise the Lord!


We have been giving out many of the CHRISTMAS Chick tracts, The Greatest Story Ever Told: to a man walking from his car toward Walmart; to check-out clerks and people who were sitting on benches; to store greeters; a customer in a pizza shop; 3 tough looking guys walking in front of us; and more. Brother Goodwin gave a tract to the welcomer at Kirklands and I talked to her more and gave her more information.

Tonight we met a tiny Vietnamese lady named Lee, who was our waitress S
he gladly received our Chick tract , The Greatest Story Ever Told, as we wished her a Merry Christmas. We then asked her if she spoke another language and she indicated a Vietnamese dialect. I was excited to offer her the Gospel in her own language. She was thrilled to receive it and thanked us sincerely.


A customer seated behind us was talking on his phone discussing divorce, and sounding like his life was a mess. As he started to head for the exit I stopped him with a smile and said, “Excuse me, Sir.  If your life has become a sad story, you need to read “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” He received my tract with a “Thank you very much!”


Two Oriental people were seated and talking in their language. I walked over to them and asked, “What language are you speaking?” It was Mandarin, so I happily pointed to the Gospel story in their language. The woman was happy and thanked us several times. It is our strong desire to see souls saved.

May the Lord bring in many souls from the whitened harvest field. Jesus is coming soon and night cometh when no man can work. Now is the time to reach out to the lost. Will you do it?