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Some of the most excited people I have met are those who have just returned from witnessing for the Lord. He that winneth souls is not only wise, but full of joy. Perhaps the following reports and comments can be used by the Lord to stir soul-winning fire in those who read them.

Here you will read of witnessing experiences as we travel along the way to revivals, and others that have taken place before we began on the road in full time evangelism. Please tell us about your own experiences in this place also!!

I shared some of this material previously on the website of The Holiness Women's Fellowship: http://holinesswomenfellowship.ning.com  We will be adding to these accounts, and also hoping to include entries from you.

You can email your comments or experiences to me at: cgoodwin@calvarypentecostalrevivals.org and we can post them here.



As we sat in a South Carolina restaurant we noticed a tall, thin golden skinned man bent down in conversation with the couple in the booth in front of us. He appeared very friendly and animated, occasionally mentioning what we thought was the word, “God.” We wondered if he might be a Christian witnessing to the customers. 

His badge identified him as an Assistant Manager of the restaurant, and his eyes caught our eyes looking at him, so when he finished with those people he stood and looked smilingly at us. Our nod to him drew him to kneel at our booth and greet us. We asked him if he were a Christian, and he responded with a smile, “No, I am a Muslim from Pakistan.” 

We explained how we overheard him saying “God” several times and wondered, because we were Christians. This led him to the subject of the religions of the world and the need for peace between them. Kumar seemed such a gentle and kind soul and almost pleadingly suggested that if we could all just respect one another’s differences we could gain peace in the world. 

We asked, “What if that could happen and we did gain peace in this world? Would that also give us peace in the next world? If there is a place for the righteous and a place for the unrighteous, which the Bible teaches, then what would decide the fate of men?” He smiled humbly and agreed that this would be a problem. 

When we asked him if he believed that there are some things that are right, and some things that are wrong, he replied, “Yes, certainly!” Then, pushing just a little bit further we asked him if there was such a thing as truth. “Of course,” he replied. “Kumar, the various religions of the world each believe they have the “truth” yet their beliefs conflict with one another. Can two conflicting views both be right? Can two opposites each be true?”

It seemed Kumar realized the fallacy of such an idea yet was reluctant to face it. He bowed his head and said, “This is a difficult thing.” Yet, it is only difficult in a world of no absolutes. Any logical thinker can easily see that each of us can’t have his own “truth” that conflicts with the “truths” of others. Truth is truth. It is absolute and unchangeable now and forever. Two opposites cannot both be true at the same time.

Although we had only known Kumar for a few minutes, we couldn’t help but feel a love and compassion for him. He seemed to have such a good spirit, and was so open to what we were saying. This is when Brother Goodwin put his arm around Kumar’s shoulder and said, “Kumar, Jesus said, ‘I am the way the TRUTH and the life. No man cometh unto the father but by me.’ Jesus is the TRUTH, Kumar… You need to come to know Him as your own Savior. He is the only way to Heaven.” 

What a sacred moment it was when Brother Goodwin prayed right there for Kumar…with his arm still around his shoulders as he knelt at our table…a manager of this restaurant… prayed that Kumar would come to understand the Gospel and that he would come to receive Jesus Christ as his own Savior and Lord. Kumar smiled and thanked us as we gave him Gospel literature and left.

Reply by Bo Gilles

SO glad to hear of your faith in action! God is so mindful of those that are reaching out to Him, that He allows your path to cross with someone who is SEEKING the truth. We must let our LIGHT shine!

We have had 2 exchange students with a family at our church. 1 girl from China, the other from (oops! I forgot), she is Muslim. The girl from China, has no religious ties at all. YET, she is seeking the truth. We just assume our paths cross to be a light and message of the Glorious Gospel to these girls. Take advantage of these opportunities! Thanks for the testimony, it reminds us to be diligent in our work. I'll pray for Kumar too