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 by Claire H. Goodwin

I may not have found what I was looking for in Walmart, at Texarkana, Texas, but I did find what the Lord was looking for… one more lost soul.

I was shocked when I spotted her in the aisle picking out Christmas decorations. What I saw made me stop short and look again.  Her multi-colored spiked hair was a suitable match for the numerous piercings in her nose, lips and ears. She was very thin, appearing anorexic with exposed arms heavily covered with tattoos. As she turned around I saw the vulgar words printed on the back of her tee shirt. She and the girl with her appeared to be in their mid twenties.

It only took a moment to take in this desperate scene that was standing just a few feet away. Just as quickly I was deeply stirred in my spirit and felt an immediate compulsion to talk with her.

It is amazing how the Lord will instantly give you words to speak without any forethought.  If I had stood there trying to figure out how to approach her, my opportunity probably would have passed in vain. Sometimes the situation requires a step of faith… an immediate step toward the person with an inner assurance that the Lord will direct you.

I took that step, and with a bold smile I approached her, gently touched her arm and in a friendly voice said… “Well, look at you! You are an amazing sight.”  She just looked at me in a puzzled way and asked, “What do you mean?”   I replied, “I mean all these tattoos and piercings. Wow! How long did it take for you to look like this?”

(I know such an approach may seem strange, but it was working. I was showing an interest in what was apparently so important to her.)

She said she had been working on it for a few years and explained, “ This is what I do. I am a tattoo and piercing artist.” 

“So,” I said…”You are really a walking advertisement for your business!”

“I guess so.” She said, as I quickly continued….

“Well I am also a walking advertisement for my business…”

They looked a bit surprised and curious….. so I proceeded to make my offer…

“Please accept this DVD…a 2 hour story of the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Just select the English language for viewing, as this is seen all over the world in the many languages offered.

(It just so happened that someone had given us a supply of these international presentations of the Life of Jesus that include an excellent altar call at the end, and I was making my first attempt to give one away in a public place.)

These girls responded in a very positive way, thanking me for the DVD and said they would listen to it. We wished each other a Merry Christmas and went our separate ways.

My heart was beating fast as I walked away feeling a sense of awe that the Lord had privileged me to touch these lives for Him.  I prayed for them as I envisioned them sitting somewhere hearing the story of the ONE who was PIERCED in their place, so they could be saved.

Sometimes the appearance of people, or situations that arise, tend to weaken our resolve to witness. Why should we allow intimidation or fear dim our commitment to obey Christ's Great Commission? This may be your only opportunity to give the Gospel to this person. Step out in faith, knowing that Jesus has already promised..."Lo I am with you always."