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Often Brother Goodwin and I go into malls in search of people to witness to. We see a mass of humanity, hurrying on their way to eternity with no hope of salvation. We arm ourselves with tracts, new testaments, Jesus DVD's, and start walking. Recently during one such mall trip we were able to witness to people from Costa Rica, the Philippines, India, and Mexico. The harvest field is at our doors. The world has come to America. We can almost hear Jesus tell us today, "Go ye into all the malls and preach the gospel." All the gods of this world are there, and we have the saving, delivering message that they need.

As I walked I came upon an Indian man selling at a kiosk. He was busily working on his cell phone when i approached him and said, "It looks like you are an expert at texting. Your fingers are moving as fast as lightning." That brought some laughter and broke the ice. I asked if he was from India and after his positive response I told him about some friends that we had in India. "Do you speak another language besides Englisn?" I asked him and learned that he spoke several, including Hindi. I know that this was one of the languages on the Jesus DVD, and showed it to him, telling him I wanted him to have it as a gift. He was happy to see his language included, and then told me. "I am happy to see this about Jesus, for I have been researching about Him. I am a Hindu, but I believe in Jesus, and His name keeps coming to me. I know He is real."

What a great joy it was to continue this conversation with this young man. He was so sincere and interested in learning more. Our invitation to come to church was received positively, and I believe he will come. I was able to leave him with the booklet, "The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told" by Evangelist Mark Cahill. It is an excellent booklet describing the beliefs of the major world religions, and the lie that there are many roads leading to heaven. The author shows that there is only One way.... Jesus and provides an invitation to receive Salvation.

My heart rejoiced over this tremendous opportunity to urge a hungry soul to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we were concluding out conversation I saw an amazing sight out of the corner of my eye, and just had to turn to see if what I thought I saw was really what was standing there. The moment I fully saw these two young men my heart was stirred to reach them for the Lord. One stood tall, with long black hair, dark black makeup around his eyes, one eye superimposed with a strange gothic type eye contact lens. His face was filled with many piercings, also on his tongue. He wore gothic type pants with chains and straps. The other young man seemed to be a follower.

I turned away from my Indian friend and reached out and touched the gothic young man on the arm.. He looked at me and I walked up to him with a smile and said, “Wow!  How did you get this way?” “How long did all of this take you”?   He replied, “About 2 years. I am a piercer and a tattoo artist.” 

“Well,” I said, “ I couldn’t help but notice you, and I’d like to give you a gift of a two hour DVD of the greatest story ever told.” He took the DVD, looked down and saw the title, “JESUS” printed in large letters all across the cover.

“Oh," he said, I Know all about Jesus. Give it to him. He’s an atheist.”     He handed it to his friend, the little guy.

And I said, “Oh, no! You need one too… and I have another one, so here you take this one. You see, Jesus is the one we will all have to bow and submit to someday…The Bible says, Every knee shall bow….  He loves you and will save you if you will come to Him.

It's not enough to "know all about Jesus". That won't save you! The devil even knows all about Jesus, and what he knows makes him tremble, but he's not saved, and isn't going to heaven. But you can know Jesus in a greater way than just in your can know Him in your heart when you surrender your life to Him.

Both of these young men received the DVD's and gave me permission to take their picture. You can see each of them holding the JESUS DVD in their hands. Pray that they will truly come to know this Jesus and be born again by the Spirit of God.

It was Bob Pierce who long ago wrote a book entitled, "Let My Heart Be Broken With The Things That Break The Heart Of God."  God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and salvation. The same blood of Jesus that was shed for you, was shed for these two young men, and can save them too.