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THE ACTS 5:42 METHOD And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

         Knock Knock. Who's there? Hopefully it is YOU with a burden to win the lost!

Door to Door Witnessing

How big is your vision? Have you ever dreamed about what God could do through you to help win the world to Jesus Christ in our generation? After all, as Oswald Smith said, the only generation that can reach this generation is our generation. Evangelism is not an option in the Christian life. The great commission of Jesus is a command to every believer. Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


Well lets break it down a little. How about going to one square mile around your house. Have you even done that? Have you knocked on all the doors in your neighborhood? How about "Go ye to all your relatives", or "to all the people where you work?"  I believe that everywhere you place your feet is your mission field.

Let me challenge you to begin today! Spend time in prayer and then GO! Try it! THE MORE YOU DO IT, THE MORE YOU WANT TO DO IT! AND THE LESS YOU DO IT, THE LESS YOU WANT TO DO IT!  Let today be a witnessing turning point in your life!

Posted by Sheila Wallbrown

DOOR TO DOOR WITNESSING: This is something I remember well from my class at Export. I've tried to put it into practice. But how do we get others interested in knocking on doors and inviting people. My husband and I have gone by ourselves several times, with promises from others they will too, but with no follow through. Maybe someone has a good Idea on how to boost moral in this dying work.

Reply by Claire H. Goodwin

This is a GREAT topic, and well worth taking seriously. Inspiring others is a MUST if you want to get others in your church involved. Start with the most important thing...PRAYER. Pray earnestly that God will give your people a burden and willingness to go.

1. The pastor plays an important part... It has to be important to him. Make announcements... We are taking up an exciting challenge. This city needs God. You are needed as we step out in our neighborhoods knocking on doors. You can do it. We will give you the literature, and teach you what to say.

2. Talk about it positively, with excitement! Put up exciting posters .. JOIN US FOR A GREAT ADVENTURE IN YOUR CHRISTIAN LIFE!

3. Pray.... and appoint Captains... to actively sign people up to go on your selected day.
4. Pray....and make use of the phone. Call church people... "We need you... how about signing up for this week.."
5. Continue to have people give reports from the platform... only good results... so as to encourage others.
- Those who go door to door can tell how they talked to someone, how they responded, etc; and how it gave them a greater burden, etc; (You get what you promote!)
6. Have special prayer for the teams going out. Bring them to the front. Make them important. Pray over the literature.
7. Have a prayer meeting for the unsaved. Invite church to bring in slips of paper with names on them. Divide them up into little piles... Get church members to come take a pile of names.. go to prayer now for each name individually... all praying together... This will encourage an interest and burden for souls.
8. Have a report back session at a specific time, each time people go.. snacks, each one tells their experiences... have prayer for results..
9. Order a supply of tracts. Create a nice attractive church announcement with directions, time, etc; Have a map of the streets of your town or city. Assign streets to teams. Give them written assignment with room for them to give a brief report on each door they knock on. Always have reports returned to church so prospects can be followed up.
There is SO MUCH MORE THAT CAN BE SAID ON THIS... but perhaps that will give you a few ideas.
Anyone have more.... please add them!

Reply by Bo Gilles

Bro. Jim has preached in many churches and mostly his message has been on encouraging folks to witness. You can't make anyone witness. Sometimes, if you're waiting for church folks to go out en mass. You might be waiting a long time. I would do all the things Sis. Goodwin spoke about, as well as do it by EXAMPLE. If you really feel the Burden, GO. Do not wait for others to do it with you. You do it and then share the blessing of the experience.

Reply by Claire H. Goodwin

You are right, Sis. Bonnie..

Jesus knew what would give us a burden and vision... He said "Lift up your eyes and LOOK on the fields.."

Just take a walk or a ride through your town. Look at the people. Look at the houses with families inside. Ask... "How many of these are saved? How many of these are headed for hell?" Look at the faces of people in the stores... Think of them as souls.... souls for whom Jesus died. Let it grip your heart... Pray as you go and ask God to let that vision get a hold of your heart.

I have had some awesome experiences going by myself from door to door. Pray! Pray! Pray! Ask the Lord to use you to reach some soul for Him. Then Go! Go! Go! Become a soulwinner yourself. Then your excitement will be caught by others in your church.

There are three things people want to know about a stranger knocking at their door:
1. Who you are
2. Where you are from
and What you want.

Try to put all that information into your first sentence when they open the door...

(Example... and it doesn't have to be exactly like this... I actually use different approaches, depending on who I am approaching. This is just a general one.)

Hi! (big smile...) My name is Claire Goodwin from (your church name) in (city where church is located), and I've brought some important information for you. (Then hold out the literature you have brought) Have you ever seen anything like this? It tells you about how Jesus died on a cross as our substitute, to provide a way for us to get to heaven when we die.

Do you ever think about spiritual things?
Have you ever heard about knowing Christ in a personal way?
How would you say someone comes to know Him in this way?

The Bible tells us all about this:
Rom. 3:23 -We have all sinned
Rom. 6:23a- The consequences of our sin is eternal death, or separation from God eternally, in hell.
Rom.6:23b- But God doesn't want anyone to go to hell... He has provided the GIFT of salvation, which we can get only through Jesus... It is a gift. We can't do any kind of good works to earn it, or deserve it. It is free. We can believe it is for us, and even want it, but still not have it. We must receive it.
Acts 3:19 - Repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out...
John 1:12- Receive Christ into your heart and life..
Rev. 3:20 He is standing knocking at your heart's door right now. Will you open the door and invite Him to come in? I would be so happy to pray with you right now!

Reply by Sheila Wallbrown

I remember one time we went door to door for class. Not always did we leave with good responses. But this time the lady that answered the door was ripe unto harvest. She was taking care of her mother who was suffering from MS. At this time I just happened to know a friend that God had just healed of this same thing. This opened the door for us to speak to this woman about her soul and to pray with her. I don't know what happened to this woman and her mother but I do know God spoke to them that day.