Calvary Pentecostal Revivals



Witnessing Along The Way- Index


A phone call came at 5 AM and I jumped up and answered. It was a man who thought he would get voice mail and leave a message asking for prayer. Instead he got me.

 He apologized for calling at this hour, that he was desperate for help and needed prayer. His name was Curtis,  52 years old, living in Las Vegas, addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

 Why he called here:  Back in 1976 a Pastor sent him here to a Holiness Convention. He came with long hair and the first message talked about hair. He wrote to us about how God touched him. And he never forgot what he experienced here when he later came briefly as a student. Through the years he always remembered Export, and the way the Holy Ghost worked in him, and the glory of God on all the faces here. He knew people here were real, and knew how to get a hold of God. Now he needed this kind of prayer and help.

 His wife (His fifth one) is a drug dealer and gambler, and was right then out dealing. He has had money, businesses, cars, homes and wondered, “What else is there?”

 It seems he must have lost these, since his cell phone was turned off, and also his internet service.  He continually gambled away his profits.

 I took the phone in my hand and got on my knees and told him I was going to pray for him right then. He agreed and I prayed for about 15 minutes. I could hear him crying, and praying as I prayed. He wanted deliverance from the drugs, the alcohol, the gambling, and so much more evil in his life. He knew his relationship with this present “wife” was wrong and evil.

 Eventually He began to pray and repent and call on the Lord for another 10-15 minutes. He asked the Lord to forgive him, cleanse and deliver him and help him do whatever he had to do to please Him… no matter what or how much crumbled in the pathway. Whatever the price, he had to do it.

 He Prayed: “Lord, I’ll lay everything down..”  and said “I feel I should drop my business and homes and lands and women..”

 We ended up singing, “Thank you Lord for saving my soul” and “What can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

 He desperately asked others to continue to pray for him as he starts back on this pathway  as a Christian.