As we began our witnessing adventure, the first place we came to was located on our way down the hill from my house. Gus was working on his falling-apart jalopy outside his dilapidated, see-through shack, with his timid wife Charlotte standing by his side. Gus had whiskers that stuck straight out and his unbathed appearance added more intrigue to the fact that every time I ever saw him, he seemed to be wearing the same clothes.

After greeting them, we simply began to quote everything we had memorized from the soulwinning book. Gus still kept working on his car. Scripture after scripture led to the final step, the invitation. "Gus, would you like the Lord to forgive you and save you?”

He raised his head for a moment and said, “Yep” and went back to work on his car.

Charlotte also wanted to be saved.  We wondered what would come of what seemed to be such a disinterested response but began to pray and had them also pray out loud.

When that was done Charlotte timidly told us that she had a pain in her side for a long time and asked if we would pray for her. Pray for the sick? We were just Bible school students. We didn’t expect this, but there we were laying our hands on her and earnestly praying for her healing.

When we finished Charlotte spoke so softly saying, “Thank you. It’s gone now.” 

What? It’s gone? Wow! This was amazing to us, and we left happy but not too sure what had really happened in their hearts. One thing we quickly learned was that you can’t always judge the situation by the way it appears. There may be much more going on inside than the eye can see. The fact is that Gus and Charlotte were wonderfully saved and began going to our church regularly. He quit his cursing, smoking, and drinking and became the talk of the town! And this was just the beginning of our Medway adventure!

Excerpt from book by Claire H. Goodwin --- Compelled To Tell: A Fascinating Journey from a New York Dead-End Street to a Lifetime of Ministry and Soul-Winning