By Bob Goodwin

From a strong stock of pioneer families rose a sometimes restless and rebellious teenager searching for purpose  and fulfillment. Powerful drawing of the Holy Spirit pulled him to bow and surrender to the will of God for his life.

Into  that  yielded  life  flowed  rich  blessings,  as heaven launched him into the unpredicted lifetime experiences of a God-called and anointed ministry.

Something less-than-ordinary in the hands of God  was molded into a vessel fit for His use.

FORMED BY GOD is the story of that man.


Reverend Bob Goodwin is a general and a statesman in the Pentecostal church. His contributions to the kingdom of God have helped shape the church as we know it today. One of the greatest legacies of his lifetime of ministry will be the countless number of true Pentecostal ministers that will contend for the faith until the rapture.     -Rev. Brian McDonald


I firmly believe Brother Bob Goodwin understands the necessity of preaching the gospel like the Apostle Paul 1Cor. 9:16. The love he shows for his calling is awe –inspiring.    - Rev. Bill Finley


Reverend Bob Goodwin is a Prince.  No enemy can defile him or cause him to fight back. His Bible is his only sword. The Holy Ghost uses him genuinely as only He  can use a Godly man. 
                                           -Rev. Joseph Chambers


"A Mentor tells you truth; alongside a Praying Man is holy ground; and honor is found serving with the Man of God, Bob Goodwin"     -Rev. Bruce Ganze