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Mike and Debbie Metzger are no strangers to us. We have impressive memories of them as students at Free Gospel Bible Institute, and as dedicated missionaries to Sierre Leone, West Africa. When they returned to America the Lord led them to begin a pioneer work in Montana, a place that desperately needs some holiness churches. They began in the city of Lolo, and eventually moved to this church building on Sun Valley Road in the city of Florence. It isn't hard to see what inspired them to name their church the Sun Valley Church.  We were thrilled when they asked us to come for revival, and will never forget the great time we had.

From the start of this revival we could see that there were many hearts hungry for more of God and ready to get in to the services. Even before the revival began, there was fasting and prayer for a move of God. It is evident that the Lord heard those prayers,  and a joy to see the response to the preaching that filled the altars with earnest prayer. The Holy Ghost was present and spoke through the gifts of the Spirit. Already God was speaking and producing some life changing decisions in hearts.

What a mighty breakthrough came on Tuesday night! The choir sang with great heartfelt expression, and  something began to happen. The Spirit of God seemed to sweep over the place powerfully moving on one after another, some giving anointed testimonies.

The power of God stirred one young man to step forward and pour out his heart to the congregation. It seemed he just could not stop telling what God had done for him, and how he now wanted his life to be different.  In the midst of it all the father of this young man came to the platform and joyfully put his arm around his son, as he declared to all, "This is the greatest thing that has ever happened." That son later confessed that God took him "out of his shell." So true it was as he urged people to press on, and acknowledged his own spiritual need.

God had amazing plans for this revival. Soon people headed for the altar and the rest of the service was a powerful outpouring from Heaven. Groups of people prayed for each other.  Even young converts were crying out to God and getting filled with the Spirit. Four were baptized with the Holy Ghost, and several came through to needed re-fillings. Struggling lives won great victory.

 It was glorious to witness as some shouted, some ran, some prayed prostrate on the floor. Young people prayed for young people. A Jericho march and shouts of victory resounded through the church. All kinds of needs were met in that service, and all by the fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God. It was an answer to much earnest prayer.

Sister Goodwin's brother Bill is in the wheelchair, being prayed for. After not seeing him for 13 years, it was a great joy for her to see him now saved, filled with the Spirit and going to Brother Metzger's church.  What God did in that service didn't end there. The next services echoed the sounds of rejoicing and victory. There were wonderful testimonies of new determination from those who have "drawn a line in the sand" and are not turning back. These preach-a-monies urged others to follow on. There was evidence of new holy boldness and anointing. Four people came to the Lord for Salvation, and four were baptized with the Holy Ghost.

The newly baptized rejoiced and prayed for each other. Young and old alike experienced a new day of Pentecost! If you are tired of dead, dry services, and are hungry for old time Pentecost, let us encourage you to know that you can have it if you seek for it again. True Pentecostal revival is always preceded by heart-searching and repentance, by cleansing inside and outside, by return to biblical holiness of heart and life. Draw night to God and He will draw nigh to you!

Brother and Sister Goodwin challenged the church to witness and win souls. He preached with anointing, and God did the rest. Almost every service we heard testimonies from those who were giving out tracts and witnessing. How can we praise the Lord enough for this revival, for souls saved, baptized in the Spirit, and  for the fire of evangelism that was ignited and burning brightly!

We enjoyed being with wonderful people, and having the privilege of going with them to some beautiful places, and even eating some unusual foods..... like bear, elk, moose, and.....MOUNTAIN LION!!

We will never forget Montana! May revival fires continue to burn and spread to the entire community of Florence, Montana!  It was our joy to see Brother Nathan Jeffries as Youth Pastor here. He is the son of Bob and Kathy Jeffries who are FGBI graduates. We appreciated the anointing of the Lord on his life, and are happy to congratulate him and the pastor's daughter, Leah Metzger, on their engagement, and plans for marriage in October.  During the revival, the Spirit of God gave witness to Peter Metzger's call to go to Bible School.  He was blessed with the assurance of God's will. Both he and his sister Christiana will be heading to OBI in the Fall.