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Life gets exciting when you fly from Kenya, East Africa, to Texas, and then drive your car into Jacksonville, the largest city in the state of Florida.

We were happy to arrive in the driveway of Bethel Holiness Church and be greeted by Pastor Gene Smith and his wife.. These are dedicated servants of the Lord who rise very early each morning to go to the church to pray. We love and appreciate their lives and zeal for the Lord.


This was to become a wonderful week of revival when souls would be saved, revived, baptized in the Holy Ghost and refilled. How blessed was the presence of God and the move of His Spirit.


They sang and they worshipped from their hearts.


They believed God for healing and deliverance and received from Him.

Crying out to God for revival and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


Brother Goodwin preached with power and God answered. The above family was mightily blessed by the Lord. They had all recently been saved except the youngest son in the yellow shirt. But here you see him, and his whole family smiling, because that night he went to the altar and gave his life to the Lord! Praise God!

And that is not all!  Almost at the close of one service, as people were beginning to leave, this boy's mother, in pink, was suddenly moved on by the Holy Ghost.  She had been praying for quite some time in the service, at her seat near the back. Now, her voice could be heard above all others, as she felt the mighty power of God  upon her. It was not long until the Lord baptized her with the Holy Ghost with the initial sign evidence of speaking in tongues. It was the upper room all over again. Praise the Lord!

We rejoice that the Lord baptized four earnest seekers with the Holy Ghost during this revival.


God's blessings caused many to rejoice and testify .

Pastor Gene Smith, on the left,  talks with this brother who was desperately wanting the Holy Ghost, but just wasn't getting through. In one night of the revival, he was seated with his hands raised praying as hard and as fast as he could. As others came to pray with him the glory fell, and he was soon overwhelmed and rejoicing as he spoke in a brand new heavenly language, having been filled with that glorious third person of the trinity...the Holy Ghost!

Sister Goodwin enjoyed the opportunity to speak in the morning chapel service of the church's Christian Academy that is used of God to minister to many children and young people.

While in Jacksonville the Smiths took us to several interesting places.


The TREATY OAK, over 70 feet tall, with a 25 foot trunk circumference,
is over two centuries old.


Ocean, rivers, ships, ferrys, lighthouse, and delicious fresh shrimp at Osteens.


We also visited St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.



Pastor Smith's pickup truck is testimony to his practice of witnessing
 every where he goes.