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Pastor and Sister Jeff Hough are very special people who have been blessed by the Lord with a wonderful and unique family. They share loving concern for their people and desire a move of God that will build their lives and their church.


Brother Goodwin preached earnestly to the hearts of the people, and we prayed much to see each of them touched by the Lord. During one service when the Spirit of God was moving mightily the Pastor's wife was at the piano just lost in the Spirit, until long after the service ended.


Numbers of visitors joined with us and added to the service by their presence, prayer and worship.

The Spirit of God worked in many who were seeking for the Holy Ghost. Some of those children became a blessing with their heartfelt singing.


Several churches were a blessing with their music. Pastor Phillip Webb's youth group touched us with their singing.



May God continue to bless the New Hope Pentecostal Church!



We always love coming to the beautiful mountains of Virginia. How great is our God who has created such wondrous sights.

Am 4:13 For, lo, he that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth, The LORD, The God of hosts, is his name.

 It was a long, long journey as we drove from Florida to Virginia, but our anticipation kept us on the move. We finally arrived at Landmark Tabernacle, set up on a hill like a lighthouse , with the famous Massanutten mountain towering behind it.  It was a joy to again greet Pastor Keith Powers and his gracious wife.


We were privileged to be present during the time that the church honored their pastor for his years of dedicated service.

As the revival proceeded, the presence of God was tremendous.  Brother Goodwin preached with great intensity and anointing, and the Lord did a mighty work in many who gathered around the altar for prayer nightly.  During the week one lady came for deliverance from a history of strong occult involvement, and God moved mightily on her behalf. She and her son continued to come to the meetings and sought God at the altar each time.



We were often blessed by wonderful music and singing by the Powers family, the Sunday School Singers, and others.



Assistant Pastor Tony Doval always brought great life to the service when he prayed and exhorted. Pastor Powers remarked at how faithful and trustworthy he is.

Our hearts were stirred as we heard the results of Pastor Powers' recent missions trip to Tanzania. He and Landmark Tabernacle have been involved with mission work in Tanzania, Africa for the last 9 years and during that have time built several churches and opened Safe Haven Orphanage which currently is home for over 50 children.

Pastor Powers working on construction church in Gonja

 Safe Haven Orphanage

May God bless and continue to expand the missionary outreach of this church. Souls are being saved as they hear the truth of the Gospel presented to them.

We are still deeply stirred by the report of Brother Power's visit with people of what National Geographic calls the last of the Stone Age people... the Hadzabe Tribe of Tanzania. These are people who desperately need the Gospel.... They live on the ground under trees and hunt with bows and poison tipped arrows. Pray that the door that has been opened will lead to the Salvation of these precious people for whom Jesus died.

We are still on the road as full time evangelists because we feel the pull of God's call and the command of the Great Commission to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. There is a lost world still needing to hear the Wonderful Words of Life. There are churches that are needing revival. Our desire is to be used of the Lord wherever He sends us. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.