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Traveling back east from Texas was an adventure that was worth the trip. Pastor Lyle Berg, his wife Linda, and daughter Joy greeted us warmly and made us feel at home in their lovely West Virginia home in the mountains. From the road, the driveway to their house seemed to go almost straight up! People who live in the hills and mountains may just get used to them, but we were constantly in awe of God's beautiful creation. You will see a picture of their house further down, including the surprise that appeared behind it.

It was a privilege to step into Bethel Pentecostal Church, a building that was transformed and maintained by the capable hands of Pastor Berg. Much love and labor is woven into its history. We appreciated the invitation to come and minister here.


The Bergs are no strangers to us, having been our students when we taught at Free Gospel Bible Institute, and then having dedicated many years to the Free Gospel Missions work in northern Philippines.

As the revival services began, people came and listened. They sang and clapped, and prayed. A fellowship meeting brought more visitors, and we were happy to see Jonathan and Stephanie Rose and their children, Chad and Jessica Everett, Pastor and Sister Wendell Everett, Tyler Carr, Chip Roy, Coleman and Coleen Clark, and more.



As always, Brother Goodwin and I spent time in prayer daily at the church, asking the Lord to accomplish His purposes at this church, to anoint and direct the preaching of the Word. He was faithful to minister to the people.  

Sometimes  the preacher preaches from the front....




Many earnestly sought the Lord and SEVERAL were refilled
with the Holy Ghost. May the Lord continue to bless Bethel Pentecostal Church with
an ongoing move of revival.


Thank you to Sister Berg for such great hospitality and wonderful meals. It was a joy to stay with you. As we stayed in the upper "apartment" we had no idea that not far from our door, on several nights, was the above guest, caught on a motion sensitive game camera. Look closely and you will see him!




We were excited to return to Revival Time Outreach Center and to the strong desire for revival that is always evident in Pastor and Sister Bruce Ganze.


Brother Goodwin and I went to the church to pray in the mornings, and often they would join us. Then we all came early for the nightly services so we could spend more time in prayer.  We earnestly sought the Lord to move in these meetings and to make a difference in the church and the people. Each service built toward that goal as the Word of God was preached and the people responded in worship and prayer.


Sister Goodwin taught on Soulwinning and Evangelism both Sunday mornings. God was faithful to anoint the nightly preaching and to stir revival fires in those present. Spiritual hunger is growing and the desire for witnessing increasing. People have been stepping into opportunities that God opens.


It was exciting to see one brother's unsaved co-worker and wife come to a service and be moved upon by the Lord.... and all this because of that brother's personal invitation to come to the revival.


A sister named Barbara had received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost the last time we were here for revival, but due to sickness she had drifted out of church. The power of prayer reached into her soul and caused the Holy Ghost to "urge her to get up and come to church" where she was refilled, and found healing for her body. She testified, "My heart is so much better since I've come back to church." Serious medical procedures were cancelled by the doctor due to her great improvement. Praise the Lord! She has now been going door-to-door in her neighborhood witnessing for the Lord.

A mother of three testified to recommitting her life to the Lord. Young people were seeking for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. God dealt with the backslider and unsaved. Many commitments were made at the altar. One family praises God for provision of a much needed job.


One young woman came in such pain in her back that she could hardly walk. She was anointed with oil and prayed for according to the Scriptures and healing virtue flowed through her body bringing deliverance and a mighty Pentecostal blessing. Others also were earnestly reaching out in faith for healing. Praise God for those who yielded to the Spirit of God and were mightily used in Gifts of the Spirit.


A great breakthrough came one night when the Holy Ghost swept through the place, anointing the pastor who started a vibrant Jericho March around the church with everyone following, praising, rejoicing, and shouting. One brother who had been through some deep struggles and had grown away from God prayed through to a glorious new relationship with the Lord. It was such a powerful time of praying at the altar that one brother literally became a "Holy Roller", submitting his all to the power of God..


When believers become more conscious of God than people, a spirit of revival  abounds, and flourishes. The "same old thing" becomes the "fresh move and working of the Spirit.".

The Lord worked wonderfully in the life of Marvin, a homeless man, who found real hope and salvation in the presence of God. He came to most services early enough to pray, and then responded to the Lord in the altar service. One night the pastor led him to the Lord and his testimony showed that he had received a genuine experience with God.

We were happy to see Pastor and Sister Doug Peper from Chelsea, their son Jason and his wife and children...It was also a joy to see Brother and Sister Lester Mullis. Missionaries to Honduras, Brother and Sister Jake Sumner, were a blessing in the revival by their testimony and song.

It was also a thrill to hear the beautiful and anointed harmonious singing voices of Joe Ganze and his two younger brothers, John and Jared.


Some folk traveled far to come to the revival. The Grieves came all the way from Kansas seeking for more of God. Brother Wilson drove 100 miles each way to come from Kansas. His fiery song leading was a blessing.


We appreciated the faithful attendance of Brother Shelby, 89 years old, who is a nursing home resident with a burden for the other residents. He prays and ministers to them. regularly, like a pastor. For years, Bro. Shelby evangelized and was a pioneer pastor. God healed him of cancer and gave him a burden for souls.

It was a privilege to see the Lord touch and change lives during these two weeks of revival at Bartlesville. We give the Lord all the praise and glory for the work He has done.