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Bealeton Pentecostal Church is a pretty country church set back off Marsh Road, a place where we always feel welcome. Pastor Richard and Sister Lisa Gheen and their girls are great hosts and a special blessing to us.  


From the very first service the power of the Lord was present with His anointing. Oh how precious is the moving of His Spirit. There is such joy in seeing people respond to the preaching of the Word. The altar was filled with many people praying and seeking more from God. It was evident that some were refilled with a fresh touch of heaven on their souls.


God has promised to pour out His Spirit on all flesh in these last days. In every church we urge people to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and to be refilled and stay filled. As he preached, Brother Goodwin illustrated that this promise of the father is a gift to be received. He offered a brand new two dollar bill to the first one who came to receive it. For a few moments there was silence and no one moved, then one young lady dared to put her shoes back on and rush to the platform where she became the recipient of the offered gift.

Do You really think I am going to give it to you? Yes!  Here it is! Now do you think I am going to take it back? No! You reached out and received it and it is yours!

And that is how the Father gives the Holy Ghost to them that love Him and obey Him! When this wonderful gift is offered, as with the two dollar bill, some don't feel they need it, so they don't respond. Others don't believe it is for them, so don't even try to reach out for it. But others run for it, lift up their hands and begin to earnestly pray to be filled with the Holy Ghost. How blessed it is every time we see that mighty miracle of more souls being filled!



It was a blessing to have visiting ministers attend the revival. We were happy to see Brother and Sister  Alvin Doval. Brother and Sister Aslen came with their fine sons. Brother and Sister Bobby Roadcap were an inspiration with their testimony and singing. We were glad to see Brother and Sister L. D. Savage, as well as Brother and Sister Tim Simmons, and the Brent Markee family.

The call of God still burns in our hearts to go with the Gospel for the saving of souls and the reviving of His people. The beautiful mountains of Virginia remind us of the vastness of the Harvest field waiting to be reaped. It thrills us whenever we meet a witness and soulwinner. The testimony of others told us that this young man, Brother Raymond Staub is just that. May God bless and use him to win many.  Here he is holding some of the materials that we distributed to those who invited others to the revival.



(Father of Ricky Gheen)

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