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We appreciated the opportunity to minister at County Line Holiness Church. We have known Brother Mike Maxon for many years and are thrilled to see the work he is doing for the Lord. In addition to the church they are in the midst of building a very large campmeeting/multipurpose structure. It was exciting to hear and see the work in progress.

One of the first things we heard as we entered the sanctuary on Sunday morning was the beautiful piano playing of old time hymns. It was Sister Richardson, in her eighties, just rolling those fingers over the keys and bringing forth a great atmosphere for the services.
Sister Rebecca Hunter Allen was a great song leader, anointed by the Lord. She reminded me that I had taught her at FGBI way back in the late seventies! Sister Allen also is used of the Lord in nursing home ministry and more. She is one of the many blessings at this church where there is a heart for reaching out to the lost and needy. Brother David Snow also ministered to the meeting with his song leading.

There were guitars on every side playing for the Lord and adding to the meetings. The pastors littlest son, Simeon, sure worked hard at his playing, but needed a few more strings!

It was a privilege to spend these days with Pastor and Sister Mike Maxon, Jr.  We had been with him several times in recent days, at the Branson Minister's Conference, and in the fellowship meeting at Brother Dennis Heath's church in Texarkana, Arkansas. He is a busy man with projects and vision. His church has been bringing in a good group of children from over twelve miles away. They are hearing the Gospel in Sunday School and learning of their need for the Lord.

 Brother Maxon is looking for a church bus that they can use instead of the several smaller vehicles they now must use. Just think of it, twenty-four miles round trip for this children's ministry! Brother and Sister Hilton direct this part of the church work and have a real burden to win the lost. They fully decorated the Academy's learning center where they presently hold the children's church.

Another outreach of the County Line Holiness Church is their Academy that opened for another term while we were there. Sister Maxon, Sr. the pastors mother, directs this ministry and loves it. Sister Goodwin had the privilege of speaking to their Tuesday morning chapel service where she took them on "A Trip To The Bughouse," demonstrating the kinds of "bugs" that could block their light ...for example, the Bitter Bug, the Flitter Bug, the Sitter Bug, and more. It seemed to take hold of them, as they went out naming the bugs, and telling their parents about them.

The Lord was with us and accomplished His work as Brother Goodwin preached and the people prayed. We praise God for this opportunity to minister at DeKalb.