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October 26-29, 2009  Newport, Tennessee- Bible Holiness Minister's Retreat

The Carson Springs Conference Center was indeed a beautiful place for this gathering, at the top of a mountain, surrounded by the glorious fall colors. How great is our God...Creator of all His wonders. It was Pentecost again inside the conference room where the Spirit of God swept over those united to worship and draw near to Him. Preachers and their spouses came from several states and were refreshed and strengthened to continue pressing forward for the Lord.


Rev. Billy Harris was there, although in a wheelchair after a stroke, he stirred the crowd by his heartfelt singing with his usual rich and mellow voice, "What good would this world do me with leaving on my mind?" His wife, Shirley, backed him on the piano, as he sang and stopping long enough to speak in tongues, glorifying God. Bro. Harris pastors in North Carolina, but is strongly assisted by his wonderful wife during this time of affliction. 


Pastor Joey Yeatts from Danville, Virginia taught on the Millennium; Doug Peper from Chelsea, Oklahoma encouraged challenged us with "Occupy Till I Come: Are you Busy looking, or just Looking Busy?"; Bro. Joseph Chambers taught on the Book of Revelation; Evangelist David Roper motivated us to "Keep On Walking"; 

Brother Goodwin was the Monday night speaker, and Sister Goodwin spoke to the ladies on Wednesday morning. 

October 18 &25, 2009  Strawberry Plains, Tennessee- Blue Springs Church of God - Pastor Don Ingram

It was our unexpected joy to get to preach at Strawberry Plains while Brother Ingram  was away preaching a homecoming in Ohio.

We were sorry to miss him, but did have the privilege of meeting his daughter and son-in-law, Brother and Sister Kane Hauri. Brother Hauri did a great job directing the services.

We were glad to see most of the congregation head to the altar for prayer in response to the preaching of the Word of God. One surprise was to see Brother and Sister Schwickerath in the services. 

They pastored for many years in Oklahoma and are the grandparents of Rachel Schwickerath, a student at Free Gospel Bible Institute in Export, PA.

The next Sunday at Strawberry Plains we were thrilled that Pastor Ingram and his wife were back, and enjoyed spending time with them. They sure saw to it that we were well fed!!!

This Strawberry Plains church is one that has sponsored the annual January Ministers Conference, that used to be housed here until it grew so big that they found it necessary to move to a larger location in Pigeon Forge, TN.


October 11-14, 2009  Somerset, Kentucky – Spirit of Truth Outreach Center – Pastor Dustin York

It has been an exciting time at Spirit of Truth Outreach Center as the Lord has poured out His Spirit upon many hungry souls.

Dustin and Crystal York have followed a burden from the Lord to build this work, which is called a pioneer storefront work, but is so much more than that. Sunday morning there were 82 present, and Monday night there were well over 100 present. 

This couple and this church are reaching out to all kinds of people in need of God. There are many new converts and believers young in the Lord who are growing and continuing to gain spiritual ground. They rent four suites in this building, using them for the sanctuary, office, Sunday School classes, and Fellowship hall. It is amazing to see.

From the very first service of the revival people began seeking the Lord. It became Pentecost outpoured all over again as eight received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and four got saved. What rejoicing there was! Travis, pictured below, joined us for lunch at the Pastor’s house, and soon it turned into a prayer meeting where he was gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost. Devon, the pastor’s son was determined that he too would receive, and did so that night in service. 


On Tuesday night God worked a great victory in Jacob’s life. As others gathered around him to pray, the Lord reached into his heart and pulled him to Calvary…where he broke and surrendered to the Lord.  It was not long until he made a decision to remove the “wrist cords”, necklace, and lip ring that held him to his old life. His testimony that night was “I’ve been freed.”  Praise God! He whom the son sets free is free indeed!



Since the end of May 2009 the Lord has privileged us 
to preach 26 revivals and
other special services in 15 states. He has shown His mighty power by  saving souls, baptizing with His Spirit, healing bodies, sanctifying believers, 
calling to the ministry,
 reviving churches and individuals who seek Him.  Additionally, 
many have had a
renewed vision to reach 
the lost. 
It is a joy to report the faithfulness and goodness 
of the Lord!