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It was our privilege to preach for Brother Shaffer on Sunday preceding the highly anticipated Missions Conference that would bless and challenge many on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.   It was immediately evident that something great was happening here at the Lighthouse Full Gospel Church. We saw many new faces and heard thrilling testimonies of new souls saved and growing in the Lord. One couple had lived together for many years, but Jesus came into their lives and made a difference. They wanted to do things right and pleasing to God, so they were officially joined together in holy matrimony. Now that's something to shout about.  The words of another man thrilled us. "I've been alcohol free for ten months now, since I got saved." It was easy to see that God had answered some serious praying.

Others, also, have given evidence of true conversion and some have been baptized with the Holy Ghost. What rejoicing accompanied the stories of what God has done. God has even been working in the lives of children, some of whom have no other loving care like that which they have found at the Lighthouse.

During the Sunday services there was another move of God that brought the unsaved to the altar seeking Salvation. The three who came included some who desperately needed deliverance from drugs. Others had found no peace or answers in the troubled lives they were living and the Spirit of God drew them to Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life that they needed.

International flags were placed around the church property as the Missions Conference approached. People came from many areas, including a wonderful group of missionaries. Here you can see part of that group that attended and represented their ministries: Brother and Sister Don Rich, Sister Marilyn Saylor, Brother McCoy, the David Lloyd Family, Brother and Sister John Roberts, Brother and Sister Sumner, Brother and Sister Dennis Morgan, Brother and Sister Mike Petit, Brother Landress, Brother Samuel Davis, Brother Wilburn Thompson, Brother Phillip Horton, David Hamilton, and more.



You could not help but be moved by the theme of the conference, "Counting the Cost: The Duty and Danger of Missions".  Pastor Mike Shaffer, Pastor Bill Preskitt were responsible for most of the planning. Many other pastors participated and supported the meeting: Brother Rufus Carraway, Brother J. B. King, Brother Matt Bourgault, Brother William Strickler, Brother Bobby Roadcap, Brother Ricky Gheen, and so many more. The ministry by missionaries was tremendous, eye-opening, and life-changing.

God has used these many missionaries to plant the seed, water the seed, and to see fruit produced for the kingdom of God. The fruit of the preaching was demonstrated at the altars as many wept, and dedicated their all to the Lord.  These who have given their lives to reach the lost are shining stars, the real heros in this world.

Special honor was given to two bright stars in God's kingdom: Prison Missionary Eugene Saylor; and Missionary to the Ukraine Gene Thompson. Both men have gone on to their heavenly reward and have left behind a legacy of souls brought to Christ. Brother Don Rich presented the memorial message for Brother Gene Thompson, and Brother Winfred King presented the message for Brother Saylor. Beautiful plaques were presented in memory of each one, and a challenge given: Who will step into their shoes? Great was the response, and may it continue to grow greater!

One of the most touching parts of the conference was hearing the testimony of Missionary Sam Davis whose wife Nancy was murdered as they made one more trip in Mexico.

Husband, slain missionary defied cartels to share their faith

Missionaries knew risks, but pair's life work was their priority

 For thirty years Sam and Nancy Davis served the Mexican people and knew the dangers of working there. They used to say, "Someday we will die here." but finally came to the kind of commitment that made them daily say, "This will be the day that I die."

Before this final fatal attack, they had already experienced fifteen attempts to capture them, but they were able to outrun them in their car and escape.

Their love for souls and their need for the Gospel kept them going. He declared "There is a price, but there is a crown to be won."

Nancy Davis told friends when she last saw them over dinner this fall that she "might not come back alive" from her next visit to Mexico.

You can read more about the story at this link:

It was a deeply moving experience to hear this Brother speak and to sense his godly spirit and willingness to forgive and to also return to the work he loves so much in Mexico.  "They are dying everyday. Someone has to tell them the Gospel."

No one knows better the "Duty and Danger of Missions."