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It was their 50th Year Celebration and our privilege to minister during this revival at Lykens. We so enjoyed being with Pastor Robert and Sister Holly Saville. They radiated with desire to see the church blessed and moving forward for God.

Each night the word was preached and the Lord brought the results at the altar.  Great was the conviction of the Holy Ghost that drew people to surrender and dedication. Many lives were touched and changed during the earnest praying and seeking the Lord. There came an awareness of misplaced priorities that needed to be changed. One sister testified that the Lord touched her and showed her where she needed to be spiritually. Revival is clearly a time of spiritual awakening of the saints.

There is no greater joy in a revival meeting than to see the expected fruit of sinners and backsliders coming to repentance and salvation. To God be the glory for three souls that were saved this week, and for others who returned to the commitment from which they had drifted. One man was reassured in his newfound experience with God and testified, "For a long time I was lost, but now I feel the inner peace of God." The Holy Ghost brought great heart-searching and decision-making that blessed the church and the pastor! It brought rejoicing to everyone to hear a lady who had just prayed her way through to salvation declare, "It's amazing!"  How true! The supernatural work of God in the hearts of men and women is truly the evidence of His amazing grace.

The preacher headed down the aisle as the Spirit of God preached through him accomplishing His own purpose in listeners. There was a great Pentecostal reviving, including one night when the Spirit of the Lord took control and swept over one sister so powerfully that she was speaking in tongues continuously, lost in the Spirit, until almost midnight. Others were re-charged and re-filled with the Holy Ghost. It was an Acts 2:4 demonstration of power. Praise God!

The Lord drew people into the services, some by invitation of other church people. Brother Eli was greatly blessed and said he didn't want to miss a single service.

This Fiftieth year Celebration Revival was made very special by the visit from Sister Harry Klase, wife of the founding pastor, Rev. Harry Klase who began the church in 1961.

Pastor and Sister Robert Saville honored her with beautiful roses. Thank you to Pastor and Sister Daniel Lundmark who brought her. They pastor a church in Northhampton Pennsylvania, and Sister Lundmark is the daughter of the Klases. It was a blessing to have them present for this occasion.

It was also great to see Sister John Andrews and daughter Joy. Brother and Sister John Andrews pastor in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. We were happy to learn that Joy is officially on staff in a Church of God as Children's Pastor.

Any time we go to Lykens, we expect to see Ashley Lehman, and Justin and Beth Lehman. It was Justin and Beth's second wedding anniversary. They took us around for a grand guided tour of the area and also invited us to teach a united group on Sunday morning.

We appreciated the great hospitality of all the folks at Miracle Revival Church. They brought delicious food each day and were just tops! It was a privilege to also get to spend some time with the Savilles, to travel with them and eat in their home.


Revival with Brother and Sister Goodwin was a time of spiritual refreshing.  Many testified of being renewed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Each night at the altars  individuals were seeking and found God to provide the answers that they needed. 

Two young ladies found salvation as they wept and prayed under the power of conviction. During prayerful surrender a backslider was restored back into the kingdom of God. The power of the Holy Ghost was manifested as many were lost in the presence of God.  

Brother and Sister Goodwin ministered with powerful anointing and a strong burden. What a blessing to see God work in lives and give victory to his people.