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As we traveled down from the north we had opportunity to visit two different churches in Pennsylvania. It was our joy to stop at the Miracle Revival Center in Lykens, Pennsylvania on Sunday morning May 15, 2011. Robert and Holly Saville are the pastors there and greeted us warmly.

The first thing we heard as we entered the door was the voice of Justin Lehman vibrantly teaching the adult Sunday School class.

We were thrilled to see more of our former FGBI students: Justin’s wife, Beth Lehman who played the piano with great ability and also serves as the Special Needs Sunday School Teacher; Ashley Lehman who added excitement to the singing as she played the drums. Ashley also is busy for the Lord as Teen Sunday School Teacher, Tuesday Night Children's Church Teacher, and Sunday Morning Children's Church Teacher. We missed seeing Mindy Bingaman!  Pastor Saville’s wife Holly blessed us with her song leading.

We enjoyed ministering in testimony and song. Brother Saville then was moved of the Lord to direct the service into an altar call where many responded, and some who were struggling made new commitments to the Lord. What a blessing it was. We also had the privilege of eating lunch with the Savilles and several others from the church. May God continue to bless this church and give them many souls!


For the Sunday night service we traveled further southeast to Denver, Pennsylvania to the Independent Christian Church pastored by Kermit Fiddler, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch farmland. They have their services in a very old church building with a sign identifying its early name: Flickinger Meeting House.

Pennsylvania Farmland

Goats across from church

More Farmland

It was an interesting place that probably has some historical memoirs. We first met Brother Fiddler at our son-in-law, Jim Hawk, and daughter Becky’s church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and discerned that he was filled with zeal for the Lord. It became evident as we saw his group of people seated on what seems to be the original wooden benches from the “meeting house”. He is reaching out to the area with the Saving message of the Gospel.

Pastor Kermit Fiddler

Early arrivals for church

Rev.Titus Zimmerman and daughter

Brother Fiddler’s wife is a daughter of Rev. Titus Zimmerman who also attends the church here. The people sang with great enthusiasm, and the youth participated well in the service.

Pastor's wife and son

Youth Participate

Close-up of three treasures!

 It was our joy to testify and sing in the meeting and then to hear Brother Capwell preach a fiery gospel message. God bless the Fiddlers and grant them a harvest of souls won for the Lord!

On our way to the Denver church the skies were threatening, and we did drive through some very heavy rains. We are always grateful for the protection of the Lord as we travel thousands of miles in ministry.