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Pastor Sanders opened the first night singing "Fill My Cup Lord" and set the atmosphere for revival. It was easy to tell that the Lord was already here. The people were ready for another wave of glory and showed it by their response at the altar. The Spirit of God was pleading for sinners, backsliders, and others wanting change in their life and they came reaching out for more from God.

The second night the Spirit of God moved on hearts before the preaching even began. A lady came for prayer and was set free from torment in her mind. Another young woman came to church with the intention of finding God, and as we prayed for her she called on the Lord and found the Savior and Salvation she needed.

The personal chef of a major ball team has been coming to the church and was continuing to seek more from God, He also prepared our lunch for us one of the afternoons, and for the evening fellowship after the services.

Brother Sanders starts the services informally as he sits on the platform playing his guitar and worshipfully singing. Soon  others join in and the service begins. It is great to have a spirit of worship and revival already present when it is time for Brother Goodwin to minister.

Each night after the preaching, the altar is lined from one end to the other with people whose hands are raised to heaven as they call on God. We were blessed by testimonies from people who have been challenged to give all to the Lord. One man testified that God turned his life around. It was not uncommon to hear people say, "I've been waiting and expecting something special from the Lord. I am so hungry for revival."

Sister Goodwin taught the Sunday morning adult and youth class. God moved and drew people to repentance and forgiveness for things in their heart. When Brother Goodwin preached there were people present who were desperately trapped in the bondage of their sins and lifestyles. It is the Gospel that will convict and break the chains of iniquity. May the power of the preached word continue to dig deeply in the hearts of those who heard. One man testified that he was spiritually stagnant, but God has stirred him to a new desire to go deeper with the Lord.

We were blessed to have many visitors come to the services. Brother and Sister Bruce Ganze travelled all the way from Bartlesville, Oklahoma to be in several services. We loved and appreciated having them there and listening to their anointed testimonies and singing. Brother Ronnie Rice and his wife Rhonda also ministered to us by their singing and playing. We were also happy to have Clint and Sheryl Grieve come to be in the meetings. They have blessed us with the provision of many witnessing tools.

We praise God for a spirit of revival that has permeated the meetings Folks were shouting, praising, and seeking God in a wonderful Pentecostal atmosphere. It was so a special blessing to hear of those who are actively witnessing for the Lord!

Sunday dinner was in the fellowship hall for all to enjoy. All week, Sister Tammy Sanders cooked fabulous food for us, and many church people brought in more great meals. We were so blessed and are appreciative for all the Lord has done.

Thank you Lord, and Pastor and Sister Sanders, and all of Wyandotte Tabernacle for all that was done, and for the great time we had together. May the Lord grant you a continuing move of the Spirit, and many souls for the Kingdom of God. Your fiery zeal and love for Pentecost and souls inspired and blessed us greatly.