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June 21  Charlotte, NC  Paw Creek Camp Meeting - Pastor Joseph Chambers       

It has been a joy to stay in the home of Pastor and Sister Joseph Chambers during this great campmeeting. They have warmed our hearts by their great friendship and hospitality. 


The Spirit of the Lord has been changing lives. Many have prayed through, weeping and yielded to what God was doing in their lives. Some have returned to Him from a backslidden state, and others prayed until the spirit prayed through them in a heavenly language once again after a period of coldness. There is revival in the air, and in the hearts of many seekers.   


Brother Mike Switzer has preached powerfully in the night services, and many others have ministered in the day services. Brother Goodwin preached Sunday night and Tuesday evening. Sister Goodwin preached the 6PM service on Tuesday and has been privileged to be the campmeeting organist each day.   The fellowship with other ministers has been strengthening. 

June 14         Chelsea, OK              Pastor Doug Peper

 Services at Chelsea were outstanding with a great response from the people.

Many testified to being challenged and moved by the Lord to become witnesses and soulwinners, and to come “up a little higher” in their relationship with the Lord.  


We were happy to see Brother Lester Mullis and get to fellowship with him. The Peper family blessed us with their kindness and friendship. We appreciate their vision and efforts to build this church for the Lord.

June 10                      Bristow, OK               Bristow Camp Meeting

Today we arrived at Bristow and have just begun to enjoy the great campmeeting services.


The Thursday AM service consisted of the funeral for our beloved Sis. Gail Myers…. Wow.. What a challenging 2 hours… There were many speakers, including preachers and converts all the way from Mexico. This one little lady was used of God to establish over 150 churches… You should have heard the testimonies… So stirring!     


We have seen and greeted many friends and acquaintances including Davie and Kellie Boggs and Odie, Bro. James Martin, Christina Gray (maiden name), Bro. Ralph Cox, Bro. Aaron Brock, Bro. Don Rich, The Milliken Family, Don Vanzant, Trey Dickerson, Bro. Mark Hutson, the Ray Buhrows family, Bro. Melvin Holden, Bro. and Sis. Billie Rae Hudson, and so many more.

June 3             Bartlesville, OK                      Pastor Bruce Ganze

On June 3rd we began a week long revival at Revival Time Outreach Center, Bartlesville, OK, with Pastor Bruce Ganze.


Daily prayer-meetings came to fruition as the Spirit of the Lord moved mightily in the services. It was God who anointed the preaching and filled our hearts with rejoicing as souls were saved and several were baptized in the Holy Ghost. It was old-time Pentecost. One sister named Barbara was so thrilled at receiving, that she would speak in tongues for a little while, then stop and with a big smile on her face just exclaim, “Oooh My!” and then continue on in that heavenly language.

It seemed that the power of God intensified night after night with increasing response and results. An added blessing was the presence of visiting friends.


We certainly enjoyed the great hospitality provided by Bro. and Sister Ganze and their family. The room was wonderful, the fellowship and food was outstanding everyday.

May 31                       Lewisberry, PA                      Pastor John Andrews

The next Sunday we ministered  at Deliverance Tabernacle, Lewisberry, PA where Pastor John Andrews and his family have been faithfully building a work for the Lord.


 The presence of the Lord was precious in all of the services and we saw numbers of people seeking the Lord. We enjoyed being with the Andrews family, and were especially glad to see Joy busy for the Lord, after graduating from Free Gospel Bible Institute only two weeks before.

May 27                       Carlisle, PA               Pastor Jim Hawk
Our first preaching service near the close of our time at Export was at Midway Pentecostal Church, Carlisle, PA where we were also blessed with the privilege of dedicating our grandbaby, Wesley Philip Hawk to the Lord.


This was an occasion of additional excitement when Sister Becky Hawk, Jessica, Briana, and many of their church family were preparing a “surprise” birthday celebration for Brother Hawk! 

                                  Happy Birthday, Jim!