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July 12  Indianapolis, IN Pastors Wayne Grace and Carlos Burdine

How thankful we were to have the opportunity to minister in this great church, the Shelby Street Pentecostal Lighthouse. The Spirit of the Lord swept over the place touching many lives. 

Brother and Sister Grace and Brother and Sister Burdine were so gracious to us with their fellowship and hospitality. 


We also enjoyed the fiery Sunday School teaching by Brother Aaron York.     

July 8                         Richmond, IN                      Pastor Ronnie Baker

Wednesday night at Eaton Road Pentecostal Tabernacle was another opportunity  to sing, testify and preach the burden of our heart. Our prayer is always that God will bless the church and the Pastor with Revival. Pastor and Sister Ronnie Baker certainly showed us tremendous hospitality and provided us with spacious and much appreciated evangelistic quarters. 

It was a blessing to also see Bro. and Sis. Wyatt and many more friends and acquaintances.  We saw numbers of students that we had taught through the years.

During travels our prayer has continuously been, “Lord, lead us to needy souls.” and once again we felt His providential leading. Taking a little time to drive around Richmond, we decided to stop and walk at the Richmond Rose Garden. 

An elderly gentleman was doing some landscaping maintenance and as we walked by, carrying our camera, he asked if we would like him to take our picture together.  We accepted his kind gesture and this led to a very lengthy conversation with “John” who is 87 yrs old and has been a volunteer at the garden for many years. He has a science degree and expressed some spiritual doubts… but as the conversation progressed we could see how God had brought us to this man to help him and to pray for him. He believes the Lord has forgiven his sins, and spoke of faith and salvation, but has just a small amount of doubts. Pray that John will come to genuine salvation and be freed from all doubts. He felt that we had “made his day” and we felt that God had “made our day!” 

July 4-5                     Hamilton, Ohio                  Pastor Jerry Pascarella

   We were thrilled as we pulled into the parking lot of the Pentecostal Highway of Holiness Church, knowing that we would have the opportunity to minister at this great church that has blessed so many through the years


We were grateful to stay in the “Prophet’s Chamber,” that upper guest room where so many of God’s preachers have stayed.

Brother and Sister Pascarella made us feel so welcome. Their fellowship and friendship were very special to us. 

Bro. Pascarella told us something that really impressed us… He said that there are sinners that come to almost every service and that they are continually seeing souls saved. Praise God for a church that has a burden for the lost and is actively reaching out to them. 


During our services we saw the results of that vision as lost souls, drug addicts and their family members wept and prayed at the altar.  It was also good to see Matt Johnson and hear how the Lord has worked in his life.

June 30               Elco, IL                        Elco Camp Meeting

The GPS that our daughter and son-in-law, Jim and Becky Hawk, gave to us sure helped us find Elco! It was great to walk up to that hilly spot to the Tabernacle and experience the Spirit of God moving in the services.

There were 4 services each day.  Bro. Doug Webb was the night speaker and preached some powerful messages. 






To see backsliders walk down that aisle and weep at the altar was a great joy, especially to Bro. Jim Suits who saw his niece and her daughter come to the Lord. We were blessed to have fellowship with some great people of God… Dwain and Brenda Galiher (he was the inspiring morning speaker), both Doug and Shawn Stevens, Sam Roberts, Kenneth and Vera Brand, Billy Freeman, Jon and Stephanie Rose, Bill Carter, and so many more. Jason and Tara Turner sang, and Jason preached powerfully. We certainly were thankful for Bro. and Sis. Geoff Bond who helped us get accommodations in the new “lodge”…a wonderful upgrade for the camp.. 


They were a blessing to us personally. Bro. Goodwin preached on Tuesday afternoon. We appreciated the good spirit, and fine home-cooking that we all feasted on, and the dedication of these people to keep this good camp going on for the Lord.