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July 26-30    Roanoke, VA  Lighthouse Full Gospel Church - Pastor Mike Shaffer

 From the very first service the Spirit of the Lord was present moving mightily in the services. It was old fashioned Pentecost with folks shouting and praying in the Holy Ghost. Our hearts were stirred to see a lineup of men seeking for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


On Tuesday night we had a seminar with the group divided into two classes: Bro. Goodwin taught the men on "The Godly Man”, and Sister Goodwin taught the ladies on “The Godly Woman.” There was a mighty stirring in the classes as the Spirit of the Lord impressed the truths on the hearts of all.   There is an earnest desire to see souls saved and the church continue to grow.


We greatly appreciate Brother and Sister Shaffer and their dedication. Thanks so much for the accommodations and times of fellowship.

We were also happy to see Bro. Joey Yeatts, and Danny Wallace-and to meet Bro and Sis. Preskitt. What a blessing Sis. Preskitt was as she helped pray with folks around the altar. There is no doubt that God worked wonders in some needy lives during these services. We give Him all the praise!


Danny Wallace, Bob Goodwin, Joey Yeatts         Erica and Zane Estis and daughter

Another special surprise was the welcome visit to the services by Evangelist Zane Estes and his wife Erica. We were honored to have them stop by.

  After one of the services we were blessed by the wonderful instrumental presentation by a fine young lady who played a  harp, and her brother, who played a Bass Fiddle. May God use their lives for His glory! (Sorry I do not have their names.) 


 After each revival comes that final work of packing the car once again! Every evangelist knows about that…pack, unpack, and pack again!!   

As we traveled toward our next destination life was about to change! On I-64, near Louisville, KY our faithful 2006 Chevy Equinox began to shake and rumble until Bro. Goodwin managed to get it onto the middle grassy median. A tow truck had to pull us to a dealership where we learned it was the transmission. Brother Bill Finley came to our rescue by generously lending us his own car for the next week, so we could continue on to Belmont, Indiana for our next revival. He sure was a good friend in the time of need .

July 22        Bealeton, VA      Bealeton Pentecostal Church -  Pastor Ricky Gheen

 What a joy it was to be at the Bealeton Pentecostal church with Pastor Ricky Gheen, his wife and family.


It was only a one night meeting, but what a time we had as the word was preached with such anointing, and the church people earnestly responded at the altar in prayer and dedication.  We were blessed to see Evangelist and Sister Jason Turner and their boys. Sister Turner moved our hearts with her special singing. They have been busy preaching wherever God opens the door.

We certainly enjoyed the wonderful fellowship and evangelist quarters to stay in. Sis. Gheen and her girls sure cooked up some great meals, and we really did appreciate the good fellowship. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.  

Bealeton must be a friendly place… Not far from the church Brother Goodwin found one more friend!  


July 19  Great Cacapon, WV  - Peoples Assembly of God -  Pastor Jeff Dissmore

   It is a fascinating experience coming up that mountain from Berkley Springs to Great Cacapon! What a panoramic view it was. Yet, what memories it held for the Dissmores…for this was the spot of their terrible accident years before. God has surely granted them grace and strength, for they have not only survived, but are actively serving the Lord.   


We appreciated their fellowship and hospitality, the fresh fruit basket and gifts, and motel accommodations. We praise the Lord for the power of His Spirit that was evident in the revival services, and for lives stirred afresh for this last day challenge.

July 14-18  Verona, VA -Laurel Hill Full Gospel Church -Pastor Wm Strickler 

The 28th Holiness Convention at the Laurel Hill Full Gospel Church in Verona was a tremendous time of refreshing.

The hospitality and food provided was above and beyond anything you might expect. We were so blessed by the friendliness and kindness of Brother and Sister William Strickler, and all of these wonderful people of God.


One night Bro. Strickler had all his brothers and sisters, and all his children stand. They were all present, all saved, and were a wonderful picture of God’s work in this family. It was thrilling to see the advancement of the work, the beautiful campground facilities, and the filled sanctuary each day.



Bro. Mike Roberts preached his heart out nightly. We were blessed by the ministry of Bro. Paul Markee, Bro. Alvin Dovel, Bro. Bobby Roadcap, and many more.


We were happy to also see Bro. Lee Strickler and his good wife;  Johnny Lewis, Tim Morris, Ray Buhrow, and William Lewis. Then we were surprised to see some of our previous students… Joel Sosa and his family, Jonathan Gheen, and his parents Bro. and Sis. Ricky Gheen.