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What a privilege and joy it was to be with Pastor Bruce and Michelle Ganze, their sons Jared, John, and Joe along with Joe's wife Amie, and little son Malachi. Revival Time Outreach Center is a place where God is working to reach the lost and revive the saints.

Beginning with the first service God made it known that He had great plans for this revival. After Sister Goodwin taught on Soulwinning, the Lord gave a living demonstration as the Holy Ghost directed the altar call, and reached into the hearts of unsaved men and women drawing them to Christ. Four raised their hands and came to the altar for salvation. One was a co-worker of Joe Ganze's to whom Joe had been witnessing for quite awhile. It was an exciting moment when Jesus became Lord and Savior in the life of that young man, Blake. A young lady whose life had been bound by drugs, and was very recently released from jail, came weeping and surrendering, tired of her old life and wanting the new life that only Jesus can give. Others also came to get saved, and believers surrounded them with prayer and intercession.

Just look at that smile on Blake's face (on the right). It just wouldn't go away after the joy of new-found salvation filled his life. Blake was very sincere, and desirous to see God change his life, and then to be filled with the Spirit.

As the revival meetings continued, two more people came to the altar for salvation. That's enough to make any pastor or evangelist shout... six bowing at the altar for salvation, and then came the outpouring that filled two with the Holy Ghost. You should have been there to experience the joy, the move of God, the great outpouring of His Spirit. A lot of praying took place. Many lives were touched by our great Lord.

The Lord brought some people in off the streets to hear the Gospel and respond to the altar call for salvation . Numbers of visitors came and it just fired us up to be able to reach them for the Lord. What a thrill it is to pull for those souls and then see them respond. Many in the church have been going door-to-door witnessing, and that spirit of evangelism was bringing forth fruit.

Words are insufficient to describe the joyous experience of receiving the glorious promise of the Father, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Some, like this son of Pastor Jeff Bradley, just had to leap for joy as the Holy Ghost baptized him and he began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance, as in Acts 2:4.

There is no need that Jesus cannot meet. He made Himself known to all in these meetings as Savior, Deliverer, Baptizer, and also as the Great Physician. Brother Goodwin preached the Word and the Lord confirmed the Word with divine healing experienced by several.





Brother Lanny testified that he came to church with terrible pain in his shoulder and arm. He was not able to lift it. Then during prayer for the sick he laid his hand on another brother to pray for his need, and the Lord reached down and healed Brother Lanny.  He demonstrated what the Lord had done by lifting his arm high, and twirling it around, something he had been unable to do before. Praise God for His healing virtue.

A sister testified that God healed her hands during the revival. They were terribly swollen and painful. She was unable to clap her hands without suffering pain, but that pain and swelling is now gone and she praises the Lord for His wonderful touch.

Sister Ganze was a faithful piano player and one who showed care and concern for all who came. We were also blessed to have many visitors and some great singing.

It was great to see Pastor and Sister Doug Peper, and their family from Chelsea, OK.  Missionaries David and Alicia Lloyd and their children were also some surprise visitors. Their dedicated labors in Haiti have touched untold numbers of lives. It was a miracle of God and answer to many prayers that brought a victorious conclusion to their heart-wrenching experiencing of having two of their children kidnapped. Haitian men hid them but not from the eyes of God who directed the police to locate and rescue them.  Although occurring several years ago, it has been a trauma that only the Holy Ghost could  heal. Remember these wonderful people in your prayers.

We were thrilled by the testimonies of those who have caught the revival spirit and the fires of evangelism. Real revival, the saints coming alive, will produce the desire to win others, and will result in a blessed side-effect of souls coming to Christ. Some came and listened to the Gospel and left as they came, not willing to surrender to the Lord. One man even came to the altar with his baptismal certificate in an envelope. We explained to him that this was good, but that it would not save him. He needed to repent of his sins and be born again.  Yet those who truly prayed through came back, testifying, and seeking more from the Lord. God moved so wonderfully in these services, and we pray that His power will continue to bring forth even more fruit.

Laborers together for God Praise the Lord, Malachi! David and Alicia Lloyd and children John and Jared Ganze, Pastor's sons

We certainly appreciated the privilege of ministering here at Revival Time Outreach Center, and the friendliness and hospitality of the pastor and people. Keep that revival fire burning!