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JAN 2010- Smokey Mountain Minister's Conference

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August 23 – Hartselle, Alabama   First Assembly of God    Pastor Jess White 

Well, now we pack again and head on to a few days rest at Hartselle, Alabama…the home of Brother Goodwin’s daughter, Becky and her husband, Jess White. Jess pastors the First Assembly of God in Hartselle, Alabama.

Sister Goodwin taught the combined adult Sunday School class, and Brother Goodwin preached Sunday night. We are grateful for the work of the Lord.  He is ever faithful to minister to His people.

This was also a special time for Brother Goodwin to see his very first Great Grandchild, Rebecca Michelle Hobby, daughter of David and Heather (Brother Goodwin’s granddaughter) Hobby.



It was also his privilege to participate in the dedication of Rebecca Michelle in the Sunday service. After an enjoyable time of visiting with Brother Goodwin’s family, and relaxing, we began our journey North for more weeks of revival. It was a beautiful journey that took us through parts of the Smokey Mountains. I was sure glad this fellow was enclosed in glass:

Is That A Bear With Claire?

We arrived at Carlisle, Pennsylvania to begin a week of meetings, and also to visit with Sister Goodwin’s daughter, Becky Hawk–, her husband Jim, and her grandchildren, Jessica, Briana, Andrew, David, and Wesley.  Since we have been traveling all across the country, it was great joy to have opportunity to reunite with them once again.

August 16-22  Louisville, KY -Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle - Pastor Bill Finley

It seems that the windows of heaven have opened here at Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle.

 The Spirit of God has done a mighty work throughout the congregation as the Word of God has been preached… Fires of revival have kindled with many lives changed.. The saints are weeping at the altar, rejoicing and shouting, being refilled with the Spirit. Several people prayed for Salvation and many others recommitted their lives to the Lord.

It has been a privilege to fellowship with Pastor Bill and Sister Sue Finley. They are special servants of the Lord with a great ministry. It was also a blessing to see their children actively involved in the ministry of the church.     

The evangelist apartment was great and made it possible to always be close to the church and a good place to seek the Lord for His will in this revival. Our own souls were refreshed by these services.


The Sizemores                                     They Grow Them Tall in Loiuisville!

On another level...I still can't believe what I did this week...At the persuasion of Brother Finley, who took us to a special restaurant, I actually ate Frog legs for the first time!!!  Can you believe that?  Actually, it was only half of one... all I could take!!  The vivid picture of the moment is below! Where is your courage, Claire?





August 9-14  Paducah, KY   Southside Holiness Church - Pastor Noah Martinez

Upon arriving in Paducah, it was a joy to have Brother Martinez meet us at the hotel where we were to stay during this revival. The wonderful fellowship and tremendous hospitality of Noah and Carla Martinez surely warmed our hearts and made our days so special.                                                                            


One night a troubled Muslim man came to the altar praying for forgiveness and receiving Jesus as His Savior. There were tearful testimonies of renewed burden to be intercessors for the lost. Many were indeed “climbing up higher” in their relationship with the Lord, some seeking for the fullness of the Spirit. 

Sister Martinez called after the revival to report that a revival spirit was still alive in the church, and that many were stirred to reach out to the lost. During a Sunday service a lady who had drifted from her relationship with the Lord asked another sister to please go to the altar with her, and there she gave herself to the Lord afresh. Praise the Lord!

What a joy it has been to be a part of this move of God, and to see the encouragement and strength poured into so many.

 Brother Shawn Stevens visited the services and blessed us with his great singing. 

We were also glad to see Ken and Vera Brand, Phil Sanders, Bro. Pollard and Adam Barreiro who were among others that visited the services. You could feel the hunger and spiritual desire of the church and pastor as they responded to the ministry. Each service the responses intensified with people earnestly calling on the Lord for needs in their own lives. The desire for revival was strong and God honored it.
On Friday we were treated to a catfish dinner at The Front Porch restaurant, by Pastor Phil Sanders and his wife Debbie. What a great time of fellowship we had with them and Davey and Kelly Boggs, Odie, Noah and Carla Martinez.

August 2-6    Belmont, IN   -Belmont Chapel -    Pastor Lloyd Cheek

We were happy to meet Brother and Sister Cheek, parents of Russell Cheek.. and appreciated the evangelist quarters and kindness shown. 

Belmont Chapel  is surrounded by State Game Land, lots of deer, … and across from a creek that nearly rose to flood stage during one powerful storm that knocked out all power in nearby Nashville, IN. Although flooding and downed trees were nearby the Lord spared us… with just a power outage for one service. What a time we had!  Everybody came to service expecting God to move in spite of the problems… With lanterns and flashlights lit and no microphone Bro. Goodwin took off preaching down the aisle… and the Lord brought victory and help to many. Interestingly, the night before, Bro. Goodwin preached on “Light a Candle”, and sure enough we did it the next night!! 

Before the week was over there was a great break-through. Right at the beginning of the revival a young lady came back to the Lord and soon received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. That same week her boyfriend earnestly wept and prayed through staying at the altar for a very long time. 

One sister began a “Jericho March” claiming her healing… There was shouting and rejoicing in the presence of the Lord.  The Pastor was so fired up he took off preaching ..Several visiting preachers added their “preach-a-monies..”  We enjoyed seeing Brothers Mark Brock, Eugene Baker, Randall Sizemore, Wayne Baker, Amber Baker, and others who visited the revival services. We praise the Lord for all that was accomplished at this church, and trust that there will be lasting effects.

We packed up Bro. Finley’s car and headed back to Louisville where we picked up a rental car for the next week while a new transmission and new tires were put on our car. It sure has been a slow process… but it is just another “bump in the road” along the way, and God is still in control and the Goodwins are still smiling and rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord!