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We looked forward to arriving in Johnson City and prayed earnestly for this revival. Pastor David Shoemaker is a man touched by the Lord, who carries a burden to reach the lost. Higher Ground Holiness Church is on the move for the Lord!

It was worth our early arrival to be able to experience the Passion Play on the night before Easter. The young people and other church members had prepared well, and did a great job of making it real.

The passion and zeal of this pastor's heart was clearly demonstrated as he portrayed Jesus in this Saturday night Easter Drama of the crucifixion. Carrying the cross down the aisle, and being raised up on his cross made a deep impression on the many people who came, He then preached a powerful anointed Salvation message and plea for the lost. The scheduled revival was to begin the next day, but the Spirit was already moving in lives. Sister Tonya Shoemaker, the pastor's wife, is a special jewel and servant of the Lord. It was a joy to stay in their home and fellowship with her.


    The youth pastor, Brother Winchester, helped direct the services, stirring people to worship and pray. He and his wife are a great blessing to the church.
   Brother Goody blessed us with his great guitar playing and singing. Both he and his wife added much to the services..
This church is a guitar haven, with both young and old strumming those chords and singing as they made joyous melody unto the Lord.

We appreciated the powerful words of Pastor Shoemaker who was a great inspiration. Jerry (on right with Bro. Goodwin)  was one who came faithfully even though he worked long hours at his job.

Many earnestly sought the Lord at the altars.

One man prayed through to victory overcoming long-term oppression of the enemy. A Wife made a new commitment to the Lord. The pastor met two motorcyclists having technical difficulties in the parking lot and invited them to service. It was the divine providence of God that caused their paths to meet. They came and the wife acknowledged her need for God and surrendered to Him in that service.     


I will pour water on him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground.