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By the leading of the Lord Pastor and Sister Travis Matney came to Lake Placid to take on the responsibilities of pastor, and have been a great blessing to the church. Sister Lori Matney is the daughter of Brother Rufus Carraway, who formerly pastored this church. We rejoiced to see the work of the Lord in the church and in their school. From the very first day we knew that the Lord was about to do great things here at new Life Holiness Church.

The choir and musicians, and special singers were used of the Lord to bring a Pentecostal atmosphere of worship, praise, and expectancy.

Brother Goodwin was a preacher on the move as the Spirit of God anointed him and preached through him each night. It is the Holy Ghost and His powerful Word that move the hearts of listeners and draw them to the altar. Many sought the Lord earnestly. Serious decisions were made as several headed to the altar for Salvation. The Lord drew the unsaved and backsliders to repentance and change. Pentecostal revival fires were burning brightly as several received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and refillings of the Spirit.

The Lord was saving and the Lord was reviving. He was moving mightily in those who surrendered to Him and prayed. One who had struggled with doubts and unbelief that kept her from receiving from the Lord, finally came in faith to genuinely receive Salvation.

As God moved, testimonies came. Such joy came on the face of one young woman who was filled to overflowing with the Holy Ghost. Some came to the biblical conviction that they could not serve God and continue in the path they were going. One night the Lord stirred a young man to nail "to the cross" those things that kept him from a right relationship with God. What release and peace came to his heart. A sister in the services had suffered with heart problems and more, but after prayer for healing received an excellent report and praised god for healing.

The Lord made such a change in one man that the next night he testified that he went home and emptied out all the liquor he had in his house. It was a time of great victory and rejoicing as we witnessed deliverance and a new creature in Christ .In addition to all of this, Sister Goodwin had the opportunity to speak on Sunday morning, and in the Christian School on Tuesday, with wonderful responses at the altar.

In conclusion of this report we must say that God gave us a wonderful revival in Lake Placid. We praise Him for five coming for salvation, others receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost or a refilling, and some testifying of deliverance and divine healing.

A GREAT THRILL comes to the evangelist when after the revival he receives a call from the Pastor saying the revival is still going on. Pastor Travis Matney did make that kind of a call to us, reporting that three more were baptized in the Holy Ghost on the Sunday after the revival meeting closed.  Praise the Lord! To God be the glory!

OUR REPORT WOULD NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT SAYING THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL HOSPITALITY AND PLACE TO STAY IN THIS LOVELY RUSTIC STUDIO ON LAKE PLACID.  As you can see from the pictures, it was beautiful and filled with amazing creatures like the shoulder high cranes that walked past our studio, like the large turtle who laid her eggs in the sand, and the loud 'PLOP" of an alligator dropping off a cove ledge into the lake.  The lake had a beautiful white sand beach. Lake Placid is the Caladium capitol of the world, and is filled with lakes, palm trees, orange groves, and huge murals on the buildings.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!