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October 4-9  Old Alabam, Arkansas  Calvary Holiness Church, Pastor Harvey Moore

Old Alabam is a historic little community near Springdale and Huntsville, Arkansas. Brother Moore has taken on the challenge of establishing a church inside a historic school building surrounded by a historic cemetery.  What a unique setting, for this “lighthouse” of the Gospel that brings life to all who will receive it.  

Nightly revival preaching and praying were instrumental in effecting all who were present. It was a joy to be with Pastor Harvey Moore, his wife Becky, their sons Andrew and Jared, and daughter Anna.   
We certainly enjoyed meeting Brother and Sister William Foster and hearing him play his guitar and sing. A lovely Korean family has also been attending. One night the neighboring pastor, Brother Parrish brought some of his people to the revival. It was great to meet them. Standing in the front of that bottom picture, wearing the suspenders is Brother Harvey Moore's father who had attained an impressive military rank in his earlier days. 


In addition to pastoring, the Moores oversee his father's farm with cattle. This provided a unique first experience for Sister Goodwin when she was invited to try driving their farm tractor! Imagine that! Watch out everyone, here she comes! Brother Goodwin was more worried about this steer.


                                                             Everyone survived!!

God has certainly blessed Andrew with tremendous talent on the organ and piano.  It added to the services each night.  There is great opportunity for reaching souls in this area. May God grant a mighty revival to Calvary Holiness Church of Alabam!

Sept 20-27  Kansas City, KS – Wyandotte Tabernacle  Pastor Mark Sanders

Brother Sanders is doing a great work for the Lord here at Wyandotte Tabernacle. He has a stirred heart and a vision that takes him to people everywhere, ministering to them at hospitals, on the street and in homes. It is obvious that this church will grow and souls will be saved. 

There was great anticipation of what God would do during these meetings. Sunday night signaled the tone of the revival, with a great response around the altar. Solid revival preaching, earnest crying out to God, prayer for the sick, and hunger for revival, stirred all of our hearts 


We were delighted to see a move of God break forth during this revival. Nightly we witnessed God working in lives. One man testified that “God knocked off some rough edges” and revived him both physically and spiritually. He felt a new fire and determination in his soul. In one service he had a physical attack that left him fighting to breathe and leaning over a pew, but as we all called upon the Lord, God raised him up.  Young people were refilled with the Holy Ghost and others expressed their renewed hunger for more of God.


One woman felt ready to give up because of previous disappointments, but God renewed her vision and call to reach out to youth.  As the Spirit of God moved in the services one man with a recent knee replacement surgery took off running around the church rejoicing.


Several testified that God has stirred their hearts to reach the lost, and has showed them ways to reach out to some difficult cases.  A move of God clearly swept through the church. We continue to pray for the pastor and church that great results will follow.

Brother Bill White traveled all the way from St. Joseph, MO to be in the services. It was good to see him again.


We also enjoyed the tremendous times of fellowship and the great food cooked by Sister Sanders, and many of the church people. Thanks so much! You were a  blessing to us. One thing is certain, these Sanders are hard working people. Hmmm...I wonder who these three are!

Amon, Lucas, and their father, Pastor Mark Sanders

Sept 6-11    Lewisberry, PA  Deliverance Tabernacle  Pastor John Andrews

We appreciated the invitation and good fellowship with Brother and Sister John Andrews and their family.  Their daughter, Joy, a recent graduate of Free Gospel Bible Institute has been assisting in the work in many ways… Her two brothers were a great blessing with song leading, and music.  We pray that the church will continue to grow and see souls saved. It was a privilege to preach and minister here and see the touch of God on many lives.  




This lovely country church was raised up by God through early Pentecostals in this area.  Jim and Becky Hawk (our son-in-law, and our daughter) have now labored there for a good number of years, ministering to the growing congregation that God has given them.  It was our privilege to come for this revival.  We looked forward to a move of God that would reach into the lives of each one present.

Before each revival Brother Goodwin and I spend considerable time in prayer, earnestly calling on the Lord for His will in each church. All in the ministry are targets of the enemy, and we have often seen how he will try to hinder a revival. Such was the case here as sickness attacked Brother Goodwin.. It is always our method to resist the enemy with prayer and faith, and God is faithful to bring victory every time. We saw God break through in these services as Brother Goodwin pressed forward against every foe, preaching powerful revival messages. 

The people responded with earnest praying and heart-searching around the altars. Numbers of visitors from other churches received the “word of God gladly” and dug in a little deeper for personal revival. We were happy to see Brother and Sister Ray Buhrow, Brother and Sister John Andrews and family, and many more.  

Thank you Pastor and Sister Hawk (Jim and Becky!) for your hospitality and concern for our care…always wanting to be sure we had everything we needed. We are grateful for what God has accomplished.

Every evangelist enjoys those times to get back with family after being on the road for a long time.  I especially cherished the time back with my daughter and son-in-law, and 5 grandchildren: Jessica-14; Briana-12; Andrew-9; David-4; and little Wesley-13 months old. We'll just have to stop our usual reporting and add a few family pictures here. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!




We enjoyed both ministry and family time in Carlisle.

While there, Brother Bupp took us on a tour through the area apple orchards, and to see the place where Pentecost first came to Carlisle. It was in this building, now a residence, where the power of God was revealed to the people of Carlisle, and where Brother Bupp was saved.