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It was a privilege to be with Pastor Leonard Eastman who is also the president of the Miller Evangelistic Association. He has become a pastor to many in the city of Kane who have never been to his church. After years of ministry and association with the town's people he is known and looked to for spiritual help and prayer. We were blessed as he so humbly shared with us his testimony of salvation and God's call to him to preach the gospel. 

During these revival meetings the Lord brought people to the services who were of many different levels of spirituality and dealt with their hearts. A young man who has had a rough past lifted his hands at the altar and surrendered his life to the Lord. The Spirit of God drew him to a place of repentance and forgiveness. What a joy it was for all to see his smile afterwards. His father was a very happy man for God had answered the prayers of his heart to see his son saved.

It is by the preaching of the word that the Holy Ghost reaches into the innermost regions of men's hearts, drawing them to a point of decision. There is no greater joy than to sense that you are an instrument in God's hands to urge souls to come to Calvary for God's gift of salvation.

When we first came to the church, Sherry was the bubbly, friendly person who continued to greet us each service, so happy to be there, and praying for her family to come to the Lord. The words that He spoke in Jeremiah 33:3 were wonderfully fulfilled: "Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not"  as Sherry's mother and sister both came to the Lord for salvation. What rejoicing there was in the church, and in the heavens! Praise God!

One woman had been unable to sleep, but on the very first night of revival God touched her and met her need. She testified that she had the first night of peaceful sleep after that touch from the Lord.

When prayer goes up the power of God even breaks through the walls of the church reaching to those outside. His convicting work caused one man to call the pastor for prayer, who was then able to lead the man to the Lord. Hallelujah! That was one more victory for the kingdom of God.

One night was a special rally that brought many more people, some from far distances. It was great to have them present and adding to the atmosphere of the revival meeting. During the times of fellowship we enjoyed meeting new friends and renewing acquaintances with others.

Sister Eastman graciously prepared many meals for us at her home enabling us to visit with them and enjoy their good fellowship.

One afternoon they took us for a long drive to see the Kinzu Dam and the fantastic views from high points on the mountains. Kane is a little city tucked into the middle of the Allegheny National Forest which is full of all kinds of wildlife including bears, deer, and porcupines. The Allegheny National Forest stretches for over a half million acres across northwestern Pennsylvania.

Happily we did not meet up with any of the bears, and only saw the quills of one dead porcupine sticking up on the side of a road! We certainly enjoyed our time at Kane, and rejoice in the work the Lord accomplished there during the revival.