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May 16-21, 2010- Goshen, Indiana - Trinity Holiness Tabernacle - Pastor Mike Johnson


Stepping into this church took us down memory lane to the days when Pastors Mike and Anita Johnson sat in our classes at FGBI. His brothers, Randy and Scott Johnson and their wives were also students at Export...as were Tonya Burgess, Ryan Timmons and his wife. Several present day students were also here in this church.  It is a great joy to see all of them  active for the Lord.






The power of God was manifested nightly in this revival with the altars filled with seekers, praying in the Holy Ghost, renewing and reviving relationships with God. Earnest Pentecostal praying and blessing filled the sanctuary. Several received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Others were refilled. There was a new stirring in the church that hadn't been seen in a long time. God is so faithful to respond to hunger in the hearts of His people.




The Spirit of God moved in young and old. Numbers of children were praying, dancing in the Spirit for long periods of time, and receiving more from God.



While in Goshen, we were blessed with wonderful accommodations at the home of the pastor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson. They certainly treated us royally and so graciously took care of all our needs. One day they took us to eat at the Trolley Cafe which is run by people in the church... and is part of the Old Bag Factory in Goshen.... a very unique place.  It was nice to also be joined by another of their sons, Randy, and his wife.


May 23, 2010 - Fort Wayne, Indiana - Emmanuel Assembly

During our occasional trips back to FGBI in Export, PA, we had opportunity to meet Brother Valeriy Bogun, who works in the area, but travels home to Fort Wayne on weekends.


 It was by his invitation that the door opened for us to minister in the church he attends. Many of the members are precious Ukranian people who used to worship in their own church that then was taken by the state through the process of eminent domain.

 The financial compensation was insufficient to enable them to purchase new property. Consequently they meet in a rented room at the Fox Island Nature Preserve/ Education building.


 It was a unique and enjoyable experience to meet these fine people and to sense their continuing desire to grow and move forward for the Lord. They presently are seeking someone who would be their pastor. Pray that the Lord would send the right one to help these good folk.


The Nature Preserve added some interesting sights to our visit!





Since the end of May 2009 the Lord has privileged us 
to preach revivals and
other special services in many states and Mexico. He has shown His mighty power by  saving souls, baptizing with His Spirit, healing bodies, sanctifying believers, calling to the ministry,
 reviving churches and individuals who seek Him.  Additionally, many have had a
renewed vision to reach 
the lost. 
It is a joy to report the faithfulness and goodness 
of the Lord!