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December 31, 2009 - Jan 7, 2010 - Chelsea, OK - Calvary Lighthouse Church- Pastor Doug Peper

 We knew we were about to see the Lord move in these revival meetings, when the devil tried to stop us only a few miles from our destination, and our car came to a swerving halt . All the way from Texas  the roads were fine. Then suddenly we came on a low area where snow had melted and turned into a slushy freeze.. We immediately saw several cars in the ditches on both sides of the road, a truck heading toward us, and a pickup with breaks slammed right in front of us. The angel of the Lord certainly encamped around us and protected us in that moment. Brother Goodwin kept tight hold of the steering wheel and got us through. Fenders were lying in the snow near one car...others were thrown to the side. Upon inquiry a man told us help was on the way, and in just a few minutes we saw several ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks. 

So many times we have thanked the Lord for the prayers of God's people, and His continuous protection as we have traveled over 16,000 miles since June 2009. After all that, we were ready to see what God was going to do in Chelsea!

We were happy to be greeted by Pastor and Sister Doug Peper and to walk into a church of people who were excited for revival to begin.


Each night was an adventure of climbing higher spiritually. Many sought the Lord earnestly at the altars. 

One night a pastor brought a homeless man who was an alcoholic. It was evident that the Word of God and the move of the Spirit was effecting him. Conviction kept him restless, getting up and down, going in and out, and then to the altar where several prayed for him. Toward the close of the service he had not "gotten through", but spoke out during some final testimonies, declaring, "I'm not going to leave this place without getting saved." Back to the altar he headed, and appeared to earnestly pray. Thank God, no case is too hard for the Lord.


One man testified to the spiritual dryness of his soul, and how it had been such a long time since he felt the move of God in his heart. The Lord helped him to break through in prayer again. "I guess I was hard-headed, but now I feel His touch again. Praise the Lord!"

Another one had been so burdened down with things at work and home, but declared that in this revival "I've turned it over to the Lord and He has lifted that burden." 

Many young people were praying, some breaking free from the oppression of the enemy... began to speak in that Heavenly Language. Some were refilled and claiming renewed victory.  "I feel like the Lord came and saved me all over again" testified one young lady. 

It was a joy to see the Spirit of God moving upon one praying young lady and to hear her say "He refilled me with the Holy Ghost and called me to the ministry.  I feel like he wants me to go to the mission field."

Gifts of the Spirit were present in in almost every service.

One young person wasn't sure she was even saved, but wanted what she saw...the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and she surely did seek in prayer...weeping, rejoicing, lifting her hands, gaining a genuine relationship with the Lord, and praying until she had stammering lips... coming so close to an infilling... Her determination is to receive... If she wasn't saved before, she sure was after all that praying!

Men, women and young people were at the altars... One young man acknowledged that he liked to be the "man in the corner when I pray", but was stirred to go pray for another man seeking the Baptism, and there he himself had a brand new breakthrough!   

On what was supposed to be the final night of the revival we saw the greatest move of God of the whole week. Brother Goodwin preached a powerful message on "A Challenge To Pentecostal Revival," anointed by the Holy Ghost, and God brought the breakthrough. 

One young man was seated in the back while others prayed.  When Sister Goodwin went back and dealt with him about his soul he acknowledged his need of salvation and made his way to the front with her, where Brother Goodwin prayed with him. But that was just the beginning. This young man wanted more, and headed back to the altar again, where more gathered around him praying. 

It turned into a glorious time of old fashioned seeking the Lord, hands raised, tears flowing, the Holy Ghost changing the heart and life of an earnest seeker. It was such a joy to see the work of God in progress, and the evidence of new-found salvation reflected in the glow and broad smile on this young man's face. He just had to hug the pastor and those who prayed with him and expressed his intention to go home and take down some posters from his wall, and "get rid of some things."  Just look at that joy on his face!

During all of this, others broke loose in holy dance and a Jericho march. The pastor leaped for joy at all God was doing, and asked Brother Goodwin if he could come back on Sunday and continue for that week.. Amazingly, the next revival had been canceled due to weather, so God made it possible... and, God-willing, we will be back! Praise God for His great answers to prayer!

We certainly enjoyed the times of great fellowship and meeting many precious people.


Calvary Lighthouse Church is also home to a Christian Academy where the truth of God's Word is imparted along with other necessary secular subjects. 


While in Chelsea we were happy to have a visit to our motel room from Michael and Andrea Touchton, very special people to us. 

Brother Touchton is a fervent and anointed holiness preacher. We recommend him for revivals. Here is his contact information:

Rev. and Mrs. Michael Touchton
21554 East 360 Rd
Chelsea, OK 74016


Since the end of May 2009 the Lord has privileged us to preach 26 revivals and
other special services in 15 states. He has shown His mighty power by  saving souls,
 baptizing with His Spirit, healing bodies, sanctifying believers, calling to the ministry,
 reviving churches and individuals who seek Him.  Additionally, many have had a
renewed vision to reach the lost. It is a joy to report the faithfulness 
and goodness of
the Lord!















































































































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