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Jan 31-Feb 7, 2010 Louisville, KY- Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle, Pastor Bill Finley

We left Tennessee early so we could beat the predicted storm, and were glad to arrive in Louisville before the snow began. We always love coming here because of the obvious desire for revival that persists.  The choir sang with such passion and a genuine touch of God. The people worshipped and prepared the way for a Holy Ghost outpouring.



As it was in the previous time of revival at this church, anticipation was running high as people looked forward to what God would do. From the very first service people were praying at the altar, and by the first Sunday night a move of God was stirring the place. Night after night Brother Goodwin preached with great liberty and anointing... As he says, "It wasn't me... it was the Holy Ghost preaching." That became evident in the response to the message.
 People prayed, and yielded their lives to the Lord. The Spirit of God was digging deep, and lifting up high, making God's children more like Him.

During one message, "Draw Nigh To God," an interesting interruption occurred.
From somewhere came the sound of a rooster crowing. It was at that moment that Brother Goodwin referred to Peter's denial and urged the people not to walk "afar off," but to draw nigh, to come closer, to climb up higher spiritually. It was some nights later when a brother approached Brother Goodwin before the service with an apology... He asked, "Did you hear that rooster crow the other night while you were preaching? Well, that was the alarm on my wristwatch and I apologize."  We had a good laugh over that, but counted it as a providential happening just at the right moment!!

It was a great joy to see souls get saved, to see conviction of the Holy Ghost on lost men and women as they were drawn to the point of decision. A young convert brought her sister who then responded to the preaching of the Word at the altar call, coming forward to surrender her life to the Lord. One Mormon lady was so moved by the power of God and His anointed message that she cried out emotionally, "I am sooo glad to finally find a church where God is.."  

The nightly directing of the service and Spirit-led exhorting of Pastor Bill Finley continually fed the spiritual atmosphere and encouraged Pentecostal response. 
We saw that old-fashioned, heaven-sent, Holy Ghost revival Spirit breaking through. There is nothing like seeing a seeking soul finally come through to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost... That's what happened one night to Brother Parker.
The Acts 2:4 experience is still happening today and is the cause of many changed, revived, and empowered lives! Praise the Lord!


Revival brought many visitors, and let us again see many friends. It was also the time the pastor discovered Brother Goodwin's soon approaching birthday, and announced a surprise party for both Brother and Sister Goodwin. It was a great time of fellowship, and blessing. 

Arriving late one evening after a very long journey complicated by car troubles and bad weather, was Brother Joseph Ganze. One happy person was Aimee Sielken.... the soon-to-be-bride of Joseph!

What a great time we have had here at Trinity Pentecostal Church. Although the scheduled revival services are over we may just hang around for a few days, at the invitation of Brother Finley... We have enjoyed the wonderful fellowship.

Pastor Finley extends a special invitation for you to attend this year's 


 February 25-27, 2010

Did you miss last year's prophecy meeting? 
Hundreds attended from across the country.

You are invited to come and hear holiness men of God 
as they preach what is yet to  be. 

 Night services begin at 7:30 PM and day services begin at 9:30 AM. 
Meals and fellowship follow.  

Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle
2500 South Park Road
Louisville, KY 40219

Speakers for this tenth year Prophecy Conference include:

Bro. Dwain Galiher, Bro. Scott Loper, Bro. Johnny Gabbard, and More!
Night Speaker: Bro. Bennie Sutherland

For further information and hotel listing please visit the web site at:
or call Rev. Bill Finley 502-552-8596
or Rev. Kevin Lloyd  937-405-5145


Since the end of May 2009 the Lord has privileged us 
to preach 26 revivals and
other special services in 15 states. He has shown His mighty power by  saving souls, baptizing with His Spirit, healing bodies, sanctifying believers, 
calling to the ministry,
 reviving churches and individuals who seek Him.  Additionally, 
many have had a
renewed vision to reach 
the lost. 
It is a joy to report the faithfulness and goodness 
of the Lord!