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We have known and appreciated Pastor Ryan Ralston for quite some time, and count it a blessed privilege to be invited to minister in this great church.  We earnestly sought God for His direction and anointing in this revival, and were not disappointed. His mighty power was manifested night after night of the meetings.

From the first service there was an expectancy in the hearts of the congregation. The pastor had encouraged them to pray and fast for the revival.  They were ready for a spiritual breakthrough. By Tuesday night there was no holding back the burst of hunger and spiritual desire. Before the preaching even began, crowds thronged to the altars seeking the Lord. It was fresh winds of Pentecost all over again.

Crowds were making their way in to the sanctuary for the Wednesday night service and as music started a lady came down the aisle wanting to get saved. What a great beginning of a service! Folks had visited her on Saturday and she came this night determined to make things right with God. Praise God for the washing and cleansing of the precious blood of Jesus.

It was thrilling to experience the Holy Ghost so powerfully anointing the preaching of the Word. His presence was like electricity pulling people away from distractions and centering them on Jesus. Hundreds of people filled the pews and responded like Pentecostals should.

The Holy Ghost reached deeply into hearts of individuals and families drawing them to the altars where there was long, earnest praying, accompanied by wonderful altar workers encouraging the seekers. What a mighty outpouring of His presence was experienced. It was common for people to be praying around the altar, in the aisles, and in the pews ,for over an hour and a half or two.

God was working! It seemed like the heavens were opened upon us as the Spirit of God came and filled several, including three young ladies, refilled many, and moved in many who came so close to receiving the Holy Ghost.

We witnessed the convicting work of the Spirit as He drew four to Salvation in the services. Each one testified that the Lord had saved them and you can guess how much rejoicing there was over all that the Lord has been doing.

Praying Through To Salvation

Testifying of Salvation

Saved and Changed!

The revival was scheduled from Sunday through Friday, but by that final night it became obvious to all that God was not finished with His work at the Holy Church of God.  The meetings were extended  through the next Wednesday.

The previously unplanned Saturday night service  was surely planned by heaven for that was the very night that two came through to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

It became obvious that this has been a sovereign move of God. It will not soon be forgotten. There is no doubt that the results of what the Holy Ghost accomplished in these days will continue to effect the ministry at Holy Church of God in Savannah!

We were blessed each night by the anointed singing of the choirs, other singing groups, and great Pentecostal music.


Sister Goodwin was blessed to speak to the Over Fifty-Five Ladies on Sunday morning and in the 5 PM Missionary Service.

The church also operates the  Butler Christian Academy with almost 100 students in grades Pre-K-12. During the K-6 grade chapel on Wednesday afternoon Sister Goodwin presented her Power Point lesson on "A Trip To The Bughouse" featuring the various "bugs" that keep our Christian light from shining.

The students were certainly excited about the Bitterbug, the Flitterbug, the Sitterbug, and more.

Sister Goodwin says since coming here she has increased her knowledge of Spanish moss, rattlesnakes, pythons, and alligators.


It was also her privilege on Sunday morning to challenge the young people to become witnesses and soulwinners.

What a great group of young people these are... on fire for the Lord!

We now have no doubt about Southern hospitality! From the moment we arrived we were continually cared for. Everywhere we turned someone was asking us, "Is there anything you need? We'll be glad to get it for you."

I  am standing here with a very special young lady, a survivor , because of much prayer after a tragic
4-wheeler accident .

We enjoyed seeing many friends from Bible School days, Robin Holcombe, Christina Morales, Shane and Alyssa Middleton, Brian Stanley, Lori (Hicks), Davina (Adams) Cone, Josh Decker and others.  We fell in love with the wonderful people here at Savannah, and especially the beautiful children.

We stayed in a lovely remodeled cottage on the church campus and were welcomed with loads of groceries, a basket full of all kinds of gifts and snacks. Gift cards for meals, and whatever we might need! What gracious hosts! We were blessed even before the revival began.


My God bless Pastor Ryan, his wife Beth, and their children Grant, Landon, and Brooklyn. They are a wonderful blessing to Holy Church of God in Savannah, and to the kingdom of God across the country.