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We paid close attention to Sister Shull's email directions as we passed through Lamar, Missouri and watched for E Highway and D Highway, past miles of farmland and ranches. Then we saw it---Stoney Point Church-- setting right on a corner surrounded by some of Missouri's 1,000 conservation areas.

It was great to see the pastor and his wife, Harold and Bobbie Shull, who had one time been a part of Brother Goodwin's church congregation. Our prayer was that the Lord would make us a blessing to them and their ministry here in Jerico Springs.

Some of the first people we met inside the church were Brother and Sister Lawrence. It was a real inspiration to learn that he is 94 and she is 92, and still actively serving the Lord as old time Pentecostals and able to do considerable work around their farm. They were present every night of revival and twice on Sunday!! Below Sister Lawrence is singing with her daughter and granddaughter.

People came from varying distances to get to the revival and Pastor Shull was always there at the door to greet them. In addition to the regular church folk, visitors came most nights. Sister Lanette did a great job leading the singing and helping us to enter into worship. Sunday School time brought a sweet birthday celebration for a smiling little girl!


Pastor Shull encouraged the congregation to reach out and receive from the Lord during these revival days and as Brother Goodwin preached night after night God moved in hungry hearts.  There were times when Holy Ghost conviction settled down on the place as the Spirit of God dealt with people who desperately needed to surrender to God. His faithful pleading was evident. We rejoice over those who made new commitments to the Lord. Days are dark without the Savior and we prayed that His glorious gospel light would become reality in needy lives.


It is God's will for His kingdom to advance in the hearts of born-again men and women. Revival re-ignited spiritual flame in every yielded soul, stirring some shouts of Holy Ghost worship and prayer. May God continue a revival spirit in Stoney Point Church and give them a harvest of souls.

While there Pastor and Sister Shull took us for a drive to see the beautiful Stockton Dam and Lake. We also had quite a time watching the numerous humming birds that gathered at the bird feeders hanging outside the parsonage.

These amazing humming birds can teach us some lessons. You can see the one perched on top of the feeder protecting his food source, chasing away any intruders, and then enjoying a fresh drink of the sweet necter. Revival will stir us to protect our source of spiritual nourishment, lest things of this life rob us and leave us unprepared to meet the Lord. God has abundant riches and strength for all who will taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled!