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OCTOBER 14-19, 2012 - Independent Christian Church - Pastor Kermit Fidler

We started out from Dallas, Texas for this beginning of a series of meetings that would take us from our home base for about a month and a half. We were excited and looking forward to ministering, and praying earnestly for the Lord to accomplish His purposes at each church.

We had been with the Fidlers a year before and knew them to be sincere and dedicated servants of the Lord. As our journey brought us closer Brother Fidler told us that we would be staying at a very nice Bed and Breakfast accommodation in a beautiful country farm setting. When we found the place back on a long winding road in Amish and Mennonite country, we were delighted beyond expectations and thankful to the Lord for His blessing. It was more than we could have asked for.

Our desire now was to be a blessing to them and their church. As we entered the church for the first service we were met with total friendliness and warmth. Then as the service progressed the sounds of heartfelt singing and worship filled the place. Night after night the people came faithfully, including some Mennonite folk who seemed to enter in and respond to what the Lord was doing.

Pastor and Sister Fidler and their family of seven children were a special blessing. We so enjoyed their joyous singing in the services. As the Spirit of God moved upon the congregation the people gave full attention to the preaching of the Word and seemed earnest in their response at the altar. The Lord brought people to the meetings from many locations. We prayed with them as they sought more from God, and trusted the Lord to minister to each one.

A revived spirit of evangelism stirred in many hearts. Brother Goodwin challenged the congregation to give gospel tracts out before the next service and to come back with testimonies. It was an eye opener for several who had never done such a thing. The reports were great as they told who they gave tracts to and who they testified to.  The pastor's story was the best. He was on the very top of a chimney of a high house, with his boss holding the ladder for him as he shared his whole testimony of how the Lord saved and changed his life. Try to top that!!

We sure enjoyed the delicious home cooked meal that Sister Fidler cooked for us at their home which happens to be located on their Deer Farm. Brother Goodwin and one of the Fidler boys got a close look at one big deer rack, and many more on display.

God loves His people, and has declared, "I will build my church." Surely He is working right here in Denver, Pennsylvania. May the Spirit of God continue to reach into this community and draw many more into the Kingdom of God.