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We had waited quite awhile for our calendar to reach this date when we would drive into the lovely city of Sumter, South Carolina. Pastor Tim Hudson's invitation to come for revival was in our heart and our prayers, building a sense of expectancy for what God would do. Arriving in town Brother Hudson directed us to a restaurant where we were able to make our first acquaintance with this fine couple and their two daughters. What an enjoyable time it was.

When we drove onto the church grounds we were impressed to find a beautiful building. It was evident that much love and care went into its maintenance.

Pastor and Sister Hudson showed us around the facilities and into the fully equipped evangelist apartment where we would stay.  We were welcomed with a beautiful fruit basket and other special treats. This was just the beginning of all the kindnesses and wonderful meals that we were about to enjoy. We quickly discovered South Carolina friendliness and cooking.

We met many wonderful people in the church, and were glad that the work of God was moving forward. We prayed earnestly for the will of God to be done in the services and praise Him for the Holy Ghost touching lives. Pastor Hudson came to the pulpit with a zeal and fire that encouraged the people to get in and let God have His way. Voices were raised in praise, and many marched and walked about with hands uplifted. It was a blessing to see many praying for each other and responding to the move of God.

The Lord blessed the special singing by several of the church folk and used it to build a wonderful atmosphere where others were reaching out to the Lord. The Holy Ghost anointed the preaching of the Word.  A revival spirit grew night after night as the people cried out to the Lord in prayer at the altar services.

Pocalla Holiness Church has tremendous potential for continued growth and increasing revival. Jesus said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  What an impact this church can have on its community. It is encouraging to know that revival is always God's will and evangelizing the lost around us has the promise of His continued presence and power. May an ongoing move of God bring forth much fruit for the Kingdom of God through this church.