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March 21, 2010- Prague, Ok - Lighthouse Holiness Church - Pastor Aaron Brock

It looked like the Lord arranged these meetings by sending all the snow and wind our way, preventing us from returning to Texas for scheduled meetings there!!

And what a joy it was to experience the presence of God and wonderful fellowship here in Prague. The Brocks treated us royally and were such a blessing. Our prayer was that the Lord would make us a blessing to this church.


 Sister Goodwin spoke to the Young Adults/ Youth class, and Brother Goodwin preached morning and night services. 



Sunday night was old time Pentecost as the power of God worked wonders in many at the altar. One brother was in such earnest prayer until the Spirit of God moved so mightily in him causing him to become one of those "Holy Rollers" . The glory of God filled the place, bringing new desire and dedication. We praise the Lord for His wondrous works!

March 20, 2010 - Prague, Ok - Lighthouse Women's Meeting

It was a beautiful 73 degrees with the sun shining as we arrived in Prague. However, we were greeted with the news that by the next day there was to be freezing temperatures and a whole lot of snow! Many of the over 250 registered ladies were held back by the snow and wind, but it was a joy to see about 150 women gather together in spite of the weather.


Sister Shirley Lester directed this annual Ladies Meeting, and was a victorious voice urging us to meet the challenge of this last day by becoming "Women of Extreme Purpose."


Sister Rose Reed presented a challenging devotional on Extreme Prayer. She made it clear that you can't separate the Word and Prayer. God is talking to us by His Word, and we are talking to God in prayer. Sister Christina Gray Holmes was a blessing with her unique song.



It was a joy to have Sister Tricia Hight presenting her dynamic message on Extreme Faith: "Blind-Walking"..Sister Brenda Carter stirred all of us with her message on  "Extreme Heart Trouble"... Sister Claire Goodwin challenged us with "Rise Up, O Women of God!"

t was a power packed day of speakers, workshops, prayer, and fellowship, and even humor.



Women crowded the altars and pews praying and dedicating their lives to the will of God and His service. There were also angels that joined in with their shout of rejoicing as three souls came to the Lord. New names were written down in heavens record on that Saturday. Praise the Lord!


Sister Marilyn Brock and so many more put much time and labor into all the organizing and carrying out of the day's events. God bless each one!




March 17, 2010- Plano, Texas- First Assembly of God- Pastor Tom Goodwin

As we returned from Mexico we were happy to minister in the mid-week service at our son's church in Plano.


There is excitement in the air over what God is doing. The people are praying and have an expectation of a new move of God in their midst. We were scheduled to return for the Sunday services, but while at Prague, OK... the snow, wind, and ice caused us to remain in Oklahoma for their Sunday services.

March 2010 -Ahuatlan, Jalisco, Mexico - Missionaries Marvin and Isabella French

After saying farewell to our son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Jeanna Goodwin, we departed Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on a two and a half hour flight to Guadalajara, Mexico.

This journey would take us about fifteen hours below the border.

We were excited as we anticipated this wonderful opportunity to minister where we have never been. Brother and Sister French met us and transported us about an hour to their home in Ahuatlan, a small town filled with people needing the hope of the Gospel.



We were suddenly in a new world and our hearts were stirred with a desire to touch some of these lives for the Lord.


We were invited to preach at the national convention of El Faro de Santidad, a fellowship of churches, headed by Missionary Marvin French. People came from long distances and filled every seat in the church, and in the aisles, and many more were seated and standing outside. Well over 300 people came.



It was an overwhelming experience to see how God moved in these services. From Friday through Sunday night we were in church nineteen hours. For example, on Saturday the morning service went from 10 AM until 2 PM. We had lunch and then continued from 4 PM through 8:30 PM. No one was in a hurry. They sang and worshipped and prayed with great devotion and love for God. The altar services went on hour after hour, seemingly with no desire to stop.



Brother Goodwin preached the night services and Sister Goodwin preached on Sunday morning , with the help of an anointed interpreter.... one of the best- Brother Jeremy Brooks, who pastors another church about an hour away. 


 Brother Craig Benner preached a tremendous message one morning on "The Second Mile," and  the Mexican brethren. from the fellowship blessed us with their testimonies.

Brother Marty French interpreted, powerfully, for Brother Doug Cornet as he shared his miraculous testimony of God raising him from the dead after a head-on fatal crash. Pronounced dead and with his body covered with a sheet in the hospital, the doctor suddenly felt like lifting the sheet and checking him again... To his amazement there were signs of life. For the next period of time, although alive, Brother Doug suffered extensively.... but experienced miracle after miracle as his body was gradually healed.  His lower jaw bone was crushed, broken in 100 places. It was painfully wired together and his mouth wired shut. His  excruciating pain came to an end suddenly when God healed him in a church service. The next day the doctor compared x-rays and told him, "I don't know how it happened, but someone has given you a brand new jaw bone that has no evidence of ever having been broken." No wonder Brother Doug shouted his message theme : "GOD IS GREAT!" (DIOS ES GRANDE!) The people lined up from the front of the church all the way to the  back, and out the door.... waiting to be prayed for. There were testimonies of victory and healing ringing out. God surely moved!


The power of God was manifested mightily during these meetings as people came to the altar for salvation.... one backslidden man almost ran to the front and earnestly cried out to the Lord.... a young man bound by drugs and terribly oppressed by the devil was on his knees seeking God's help and deliverance. God brought victory to a very depressed and suicidal young man. 



An entire Catholic family came to give their lives completely to the Lord on Sunday morning. What a joy it was to see numbers baptized with the Holy Ghost. Others testified to being healed. Numbers of young people testified to being "set free"  by the Lord. Hallelujah! The Lord was present to save, heal, baptize, deliver, and sanctify. It was great!

Brother and Sister French provided a lovely upstairs room for our stay and treated us with great warmth and kindness. This is the view from our room that overlooked the roofs and dwellings of neighboring families.


These are two amazing people who came into Mexico many years ago, when they were in their mid-twenties.

They came to nothing but a land of idolatry, with a burden and vision to reach these people with the Gospel of Christ. They won souls, built churches and houses, making their own bricks.


As opposition to the Gospel mounted they experienced much persecution and danger, but God watched over them. Opponents sought to drive them out, even sending a truck load of soldiers to do the job, but the Lord was with them and caused the truth to triumph! Due to the prevalent "law of vengeance" people shot and killed their enemies. Brother French had a body guard that carried two guns... because some infiltrated the church services wearing their guns, wanting to kill this missionary. Through much sacrifice, prayer and hard work, they paved the way for the Gospel and established many churches that believe in and practice old time Pentecost and holiness.

During the convention I heard  what sounded like a group of people singing in the street, going past the church property. Sister French informed me that it was the Catholics who would like to close down the work.... they sing and pray that it will happen. What a great joy and liberty comes to these dear Catholics when their eyes are opened to the wonderful Salvation that Jesus gives.

We enjoyed eating a true Mexican meal with a lovely Mexican family, and also eating many new things, including cactus, green gravy made with many crushed peppers, and so much more,with all the people, in-between services.



The dusty narrow roads of Ahuatlan are filled with people selling their tacos, burritos, rice and beans, fruit. There were little open stores, and plenty of traffic from many bicycles, people walking, riding horses, cars, trucks, motorcycles.. At night we heard the roosters crowing. Many noises filled the air.... You could hear laughter, people and their families talking.... children playing, birds chirping, the little homes were all close and open....donkeys brayed, a loud band practiced almost nightly in the village.

We were happy to have opportunity to visit the apartment and church of Brother Jeremy Brooks and his wife Jennifer (formerly Dissmore).


They pastor one of the churches that Brother and Sister French began and built brick by home-made brick. God has blessed their fervent evangelistic efforts and given them around 70 in their congregation. Jeremy and Jennifer are both "our kids".... since we taught them for three years when they were students at Free Gospel Bible Institute in Export, Pennsylvania!! It is a great joy to see them fully involved in ministry that is reaching many lost souls with the Gospel.



Since the end of May 2009 the Lord has privileged us 
to preach 26 revivals and
other special services in 15 states. He has shown His mighty power by  saving souls, baptizing with His Spirit, healing bodies, sanctifying believers, 
calling to the ministry,
 reviving churches and individuals who seek Him.  Additionally, 
many have had a
renewed vision to reach 
the lost. 
It is a joy to report the faithfulness and goodness 
of the Lord!