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Bristow Holiness Camp Meeting is the largest USA open-air meeting of the independent, Holiness Pentecostal Movement.  It is held each June, near Bristow, Oklahoma.

It is not unusual for two thousand people to gather inside and outside of this open-sided tabernacle, sit on wooden benches, or their own camp chairs, and lift their hearts and hands in singing, worship and prayer. 

Brother Lloyd Shuecraft preached nightly with great burden and power. Many others also ministered in the morning and youth services. Conviction of the Holy Ghost compelled lost souls to bow at the altar in repentance as Jesus became Lord of their lives.

 It was an indescribable thrill to witness the mighty army of young people present at the meetings, filing down the aisle to the altars. In this picture Brother Shuecraft continues to preach to them while standing up on the altar bench, as they make their way to the place of prayer and dedication.


What a great thrill it was to be present for the 56th year of this great camp. Young and old were present and receiving from God. The fellowship was great. We enjoyed seeing so many friends, many of them former students. What a blessing it is to see them active in ministry today.


During the campmeeting a very special person was honored. If you know Brother Ralph Cox, you have no doubt about his influence on the holiness movement. He has served over fifty years on the Board of the Bristow Campmeeting. As he was brought to the front of the platform each of the board members spoke from their heart about memories and how they love and appreciate Brother Cox. He was given a special plaque to remind him of this occasion.

Brother and Sister David Trawick ministered to the children each day with their Western themed crusade. On the last morning they marched into the tabernacle to give a great presentation to all present, and to receive awards. It was impressive!