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This was a revival that we will remember for a long time. We knew that the Ganze family was praying for these meetings, and we had also asked the Lord to move mightily, so we arrived with a faith filled expectation.  The first opportunity for ministry came during the Sunday School hour when Sister Goodwin taught the combined group of all classes. Her message on soulwinning included many references to the eternal destiny of the unsaved, in hell. The Spirit of God was not only stirring the hearts of believers, but also convicting the unsaved. What rejoicing there was when two came to pray for salvation. That lit everyone's fire! What a beginning! Answers to prayer were already bursting all around us.


As the Lord anointed Brother Goodwin to preach that morning, and night after night, God brought many victories. Sometimes, in prayer, we fought against the powers of darkness attempting to hinder what God was doing. We witnessed the greatness of His power over all the power of the enemy as lives were dramatically effected and changed.

People in evident spiritual need bowed before the Lord in repentance. One lady acknowledged being a backslider, and surrendered to the Lord. Before the week was over, the Lord had baptized her in the Holy Ghost.

The altars were filled with people praying, repenting, seeking more from God. Several testified that they recommitted their lives to the Lord. One man testified that the "preaching got me back right with the Lord." He came faithfully  to the meetings and kept seeking more.

Terra, the young lady who got saved on Sunday Morning, began to earnestly seek the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. After two nights of praying she broke through. What a shouting time it was as the Spirit of God came to dwell inside of her and spoke through her in a heavenly language.

A wife who had prayed for a long time was gloriously filled as she prayed for another sister at the back of the church! That other sister was praying each night, hungry to regain what she had lost after very difficult experiences in her life. Gradually she had been restored to the Lord, but now she wanted more.  It had been six months since she had spoken in tongues and knew she needed that infilling. As folks gathered around her praying, suddenly it came... a mighty outpouring that set her feet to dancing... and her mouth to speaking in tongues. What a time it was!

Two men from Hillsdale visited the revival and testified of how the Lord had very recently saved them.  In that meeting one of them was gloriously filled with the Holy Ghost.

It was the testimony of the Director of a homeless mission that in this revival the Lord spiritually restored and also baptized in the Holy Ghost both her daughter and her granddaughter.

In the last night of revival services, just as it seemed people were winding down in prayer, things broke loose again in a fresh outpouring and breakthrough for several. This was the time Flora was filled with the Spirit and brought blessing to all as she danced around in the Spirit, in spite of a recent knee replacement!

God revived and refired many. He  worked in homes and families. We heard testimonies of witnessing and inviting others to church.  God blessed the church with renewed vision and spiritual motivation. What a joy it was to see six get saved and six receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! One person testified that "God has taken an ordinary week and made it extraordinary." To God be the glory! Great things He has done! Praise the Lord!

We were blessed by visitors who came to the services. It was good to see Rev and Mrs. Doug Pepper, Jason and his wife. Their singing was a special treat and touched our hearts. Joe and Amy Ganze also blessed us with their singing, as well as the Simon family from Hillsdale.